Citizenship by investment programs offer a legitimate benefit of legally acquiring citizenship and passport from the comfort of your home, without setting setting any foot outside your country.

It is Real and it is actually happening in 2020!

How is this even possible?

There are only six countries in the world that operate a citizenship investment programs, where it is possible to buy a passport from your home with peace of mind. You dont have to worry about scams or fake passport schemes. All other countries that run investor citizenship programs for example Turkey, Malta, Cyprus. Montenegro, require you to personally visit the country to complete the formalities for a passport.

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Commonwealth of Dominica
  3. Grenada
  4. Saint Lucia
  5. St Kitts and Nevis
  6. Vanuatu

These countries above require no personal visit to the country before or after citizenship, have enacted strong citizenship investment legislations offering instant fast track passports for investments.

How much it costs?

If you can donate $100,000 to the Government fund or invest atleast $200,000 in real estate you can get a passport within 3 months from your home. You have to provide all paperwork including police certificates, medical certificates etc and after passing all background checks in 2-3 months, you will be given a new citizenship and passports for you and all family members.

All applications can be filed online and citizenship certificates are issued in digital format by citizenship office of governments. Passports can be collected at consulate or through the government appointed agents.

How it works?

The whole application procedure is simple, straightforward and efficient.

  1. Fill our free quote through our platform
  2. We will assign you one of the Government approved agent
  3. Pay an initial retainer deposit (5-10%).
  4. Agent will collect all paperwork and file application with Govt citizenship office through a digital platform
  5. Background Checks and processing take 2-3 months. Wait patiently
  6. Citizenship Approval letter approved by Govt. is issued (donation or real estate)
  7. Pay 90% of the fee directly to Government. You must pay this ONLY after receiving approval letter not before. You must pay directly ONLY to Government from your personal bank account direct. You should not pay this to anybody else. This also applies for real estate. Dont pay before you are approved.
  8. Sign an Oath of allegiance declaration
  9. Citizenship certificate (digitally signed) and passport booklet are issued in 1 week.
  10.   Collect your papers at the nearest consulate or through government appointed agents. Alternate arrangements can be made for clients.

What can you do with a new passport?

Once you have the shiny new passport with you, it gives you, new life, new hope, new identity that comes with full freedom. Other benefits of a legal passport include tax planning, dual citizenship status, consulate help, open bank account abroad and can also help in financial tax planning on long term. Remember passports can be best investment you can do for your family, because citizenship/passport is permanent and passed for generations. There cant be a better family investment than this. This is why we insist it is impossible to ignore passports in any wealth management strategy.

Use the new passport to travel anywhere in the world as passport is a universal travel document visa free to 100+ countries and territories which include United Kingdom, Europe Schengen area, Russia, China etc. The Visa free countries depends on which country issued the passports. You can check our Visa waiver tool

As with the costs for passport, we made it easy to calculate the passport prices using our online calculator

Passport scams

A word of warning! There is no country in the world that offer a passport or citizenship for investment legally less than $100,000. Dont fall for petty scams from con-men. Watch out for red flags from and fake passport programs. Dont lose your hard earned money!

Also no Government accepts cryptocurrency for citizenship programs. Dont be fooled by crypto scammers.

Background checks

CBI programs are no walk in the park for those who dont have clean background. All applicants and family members have to go through the multi-tier due diligence checks done by governments, agents and third party companies. Some country nationals are blacklisted and cannot apply for passports.

You have to remember that, it is not possible for criminals to buy passports anymore from home, due to background checks done for passports. If your application is rejected by one country, it is likely other countries way well refuse your passport, as countries share the refused case files with one another.

This is why it is important you should disclose all facts about your background (visa denials, convictions, arrest etc), and we can tell you whether you are eligible to apply or not.