Visa waivers are very important to consider when applying for citizenship by investment programs. Picking the right passport that suit your travel plan is probably the most important decision when you apply for citizenship by investment programs.

For example you are frequently traveling to South Africa or have close ties with that country, you probably want to apply for a CBI passport that offers visa free access to South Africa.

Another example is probably you have your children is studying in United Kingdom and you want to frequently travel there look after. For that purpose you want to pick a CBI passport that has visa free access to UK and Ireland.

In both these cases you dont want to apply for the wrong CBI passport.

In the first case, scenario Turkey and Antigua are very good passports that have visa waiver to South Africa. In the second case, Montenegro and Moldova passports do have visa waivers to United Kingdom or Irelands, these passports probably dont fit for you.

You will see an interesting comparison table below and notice the differences in visa waivers.

If you notice for Japan, Turkey is a very good passport to visit Japan as caribbean passports do not have visa waiver with Japan. Likewise Antigua/Barbuda and Turkey passports do not have visa waiver with Israel.

Another difference you will see is Moldova passport still requires eVisa to visit Singapore.

St Kitts passport probably only passport that has visa free to Turkey (no soft visa required).

Thailand: All Caribbean CBI passports require visa to visit Thailand considering this country a holiday/tourism destination.  Vanuatu has visa on arrival

Egypt and Jordan are probably worst passports when it comes to travel freedom without visas.

There are so many hidden untold secrets still undiscovered with visa waivers that many agents wont tell you.

This comparison we made possible is only possible with the CBI visa waiver tool we built for clients. We built this tool from a pool of visa database we compiled for CBI passports. Until today you had to manually lookup visa waivers and compare for CBI passports. This handy and easy to use tool will let you lookup visa requirements for for British, Dutch, US and French Territories or colonies. (eg. USVI, Cayman etc.)

South AfricaIsraelJapanSingaporeSouth KoreaBritish Virgin Islands (BVI)
Antigua and Barbuda
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia

e – eVisa
√ Visa not required
ₓ Visa required

You can download Visa waiver comparison for CBI passports  to all 193 countries and 50+ territories – Download in pdf

You can play around with this tool to see the visa waiver differences on each passport.