Almost Half of the world countries have worst passports, restricting mobility and travel freedom for its citizens.

Afghanistan and Iraq passports are the worst passports in the World as of 2018, according to Henley report, For example chinese passport has only limited travel freedom to only 74 countries, while russia passport has access to 119 nations as of 2018.


The Worst Passports in the World


Rank Passport Visa free countries
1 Afghanistan, Iraq 30
2 Somalia, Syria 32
3 Pakistan 33
4 Yemen 37
5 Eritrea, Palestine, Sudan 39
6 Bangladesh, Lebanon, Libya, South Sudan 41
7 Ethiopia, North Korea, Sri Lanka 42
8 Congo, Iran 43
9 Kosovo 44
10 Djibouti 45

Source: Henley Passport Index 2018


  • Nigeria – 47 countries
  • India – 60 countries
  • China – 74 countries
  • Russia – 119 countries
  • South Africa – 102 countries


Visa Restrictions


Visa restrictions affect millions of people worldwide, impacts tourism and business and these industries have already lost billions of dollars with slow GDP growth.  The process for visas and residence permits are time consuming and also stressful.Wealthy families also go through this time consuming process.


Because of this, the need for investment based  citizenship and residence schemes offering visa free movement (eg. Schengen area) is greater than ever.  The entire new investment immigration industry has been built around this, which is currently worth about $15 billion. Currently there are 12 official citizenship schemes and 25 RBI schemes actively run in the world.