Passports are important travel documents. The costs for passports vary from country to country depending on the validity of passports issued, booklet pages and age.

To avoid confusion, we first separate most expensive passports into two categories

  • Expensive passports in terms of issue fee (citizens)
  • Expensive passports to buy  (non-citizens)

Expensive Passport Fees

These are the prices for issue of new passport to adults. North Korea, Syria and Lebanon are the top 3 passports that are world’s most expensive in terms of passport issue costs. These are ordinary passports issued to citizens  above 18 years of age usually with a 10 year validity. Full list here

Passport Fee USD
North Korea $3000
Syria $800
Lebanon $350
Liechtenstein $257
Cameroon $204
Australia $200
Chad $200
Turkey $195
Switzerland $150
United States $145
Japan $145
Mexico $135
New Zealand $125

Mos expensive passport prices

Note: All prices listed in US dollars converted from other currencies.

We have compiled a full list of passport prices in all countries in the world.

2. Expensive Passports to Buy

The Wealthiest people in the world tend to buy most expensive items such as fast cars, yachts, jewelry, art collection of paintings, historic artifacts, luxury villas and also passports. A second passport has become a very important insurance policy against global uncertainties and a must in investment portfolio for the future.

These are most expensive passports to buy which could run from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. These passports are issued under citizenship by investment schemes which currently run in 15 countries.

Cyprus. Bulgaria, Malta and Jordan are the top 3 passports are most expensive to buy in the world.

Passport Price USD
Bulgaria $1,250,000
Jordan $1,000,000
Malta $1,000,000
Montenegro $400,000
Turkey $250,000
Egypt $250,000
St Kitts and Nevis $150,000
Grenada $150,000
Vanuatu $150,000
Moldova $115,000
Dominica $100,000
Saint Lucia $100,000
Antigua & Barbuda $100,000

Expensive passports