Maltas Individual investor program (IIP) has filled up already two thirds (66%) of the quota limit of 1800 applications.

Since the launch of the scheme in 2014 to July 2019, a total of 1198 main investors have been approved for maltese passports , and the 1742 applications received almost reached the 1800 limit.

This means only one-third of the quota is remaining, only 800 investors can apply for Maltese passport through investments from now on.

Once the quota of 1800 is complete, Malta may not extend the citizenship by investment scheme due to political and EU pressure on the country.

At this rate, we believe, Malta Individual investor program will be over capacity in just two years and will be permanently closed by end of 2021.

Here is a quick summary of Malta CBI scheme in 2019:

  • Investment: €1.2 billion euros raised
  • Applications received: 1742
  • Applications approved: 1198
  • Applications refusal rate: 23% (115 applications rejected in 2019)
  • Properties sold: 144 (averaging €981,000 euros)

Malta IIP Statistics

Source: Oriip report from IIP regulator

IIP ApplicationsReceivedApprovedRejected

Malta has also the highest refusal rates than any other country in the world with citizenship scheme. Malta only wants clients with clean reputation to apply for IIP scheme. In 2019, malta rejected one in three applications.

Considering all this, we ask clients not to wait and waste time in deciding to apply and make the best use of opportunity of Maltese passport scheme.