St Lucia publishes names of all economic citizens in every year in an Annual report compiled by Government.  The report contains names, address and country of all new citizens who acquired passports under Citizenship by investment program (CIP).

This annual report is available for public in the Parliament Library in Castries, St Lucia where anybody could visit the library and have access to the names.

The St Lucia Govt gives full access to St Lucians to right to know who acquired citizenship under CIP.

When it comes to privacy, these countries are the worst countries to acquire citizenship for investments.

  1. Malta
  2. Dominica
  3. Saint Lucia

All other countries, do not reveal names of CBI citizens to public.

St Kitts, Grenada and Antigua are much better CBI schemes in the Caribbean, when it comes to privacy and protecting names of citizens who acquired passports under CBI/CIP schemes. These countries do not make names of CBI citizens to public and do not report to other countries.

Antigua does have a requirement to visit the country for 5 days when you renew your passport. Grenada and St Kitts do not have any such restrictions and they are both top notch schemes, despite being little pricier.