Germany is one of the powerful economies in Europe, developed country and excellent living standards for HNW investors

Germany has been one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world for some time now. There are few countries as liberal as Germany when it comes to the purchase of real estate by foreigners. Both natural persons and legal entities are permitted to acquire real estate in this country. The origin and citizenship of the person is irrelevant.

In Germany, there is basically no state program for this type of immigration. However, there is the option, for wealthy individuals, of obtaining a residence permit in Germany by acquiring real estate. This right results from the special permission contained in § 7 AufenthG (the German Residence Act). In cooperation with a municipality in western Germany, we have defined the conditions under which a residence permit is issued when real estate is purchased.

Germany offers residence by investment scheme for non-EU nationals through property acquisition

Residency Benefits

  • You will be given an immediate residency visa to live in Germany.
  • Family and children can apply for German residency as well.
  • Permanent residence card after 5 years of living in Germany.
  • German citizenship after 6-8 years under German naturalization laws.
  • German Residence permit offers free movement in Schengen area

Real Estate Investment

  • Real estate purchase for a price no lower than 300,000 EUR.
  • Proof of monthly income of at least EUR 3,000 through capital income (rent, lease, interest, shares, pension) or cash assets of at least EUR 2,500,000.00.

Update: Germany real estate option is NOT available. Please see business option

Additional costs

  •  Notary costs for the real estate (For 300k EUR purchase price approx. 3000 EUR)
  • Broker fees:  3.5% of the purchase price
  • Land registry fees (For 300k EUR purchase price approx. 4000 EUR)
  • Real estate acquisition tax: 6.5% of the purchase price

The purchase of real estate in Germany within our immigration program entitles you to stay in numerous EU countries. Applicants coming from non-EU countries such as China, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran or Russia enjoy the right to move freely within the Schengen area with its 28 European states from the moment they acquire real estate in Germany and obtain residency here.

How to Apply?

  1. Select a property.
  2. Application for pre-approval at the local Immigration Office.
  3. Notary appointment and payment of the purchase price.
  4. Visa Application at the German embassy.
  5. Entry to Germany with a D-Visa and registration.
  6. Applying for a residence permit.

Germany passport

Germany passport is one of the worlds best and powerful passports in the world with excellent reputation. As of 2018, Germany has the third powerful passport in the world with visa free access to 188 countries (US, Canada, UK etc..)