The World is a hugely divided space, drawn by borders, severely constricting free movement of human population. The Struggle for Freedom of Movement due to visa policies is real. With this, arose a greater need for global citizenship through enhanced global mobility.

A study conducted on visa waiver policies of over 150 countries between 1969 and 2010 found that, on average, visa-free mobility has only increased over the past 40 years.

Global citizenship holds the key to unlock Global mobility

At the core of global citizenship lies the concept of enhanced global mobility. It is a great strategy to unleash freedom .

Global Mobility

Global Mobility allows the freedom to travel around the world without worrying about visa restrictions.

Enhanced global mobility fosters cultural, language exchange, understanding different traditions, roots out divides, allowing people to immerse themselves in diverse environments, traditions, and enjoy natural wonders. Exposure to different thinkings of people in different countries not only enriches personal experiences but also promotes love, friendship, tolerance, empathy, and a deeper understanding into our humanity.

Global Citizenship

Global citizenship is cosmopolitan citizenship status often enjoyed by those who hold dual or multiple citizenship. They also hold multiple passports each from one country. Traditionally, citizens has been tied to the boundaries of nation-states, where legal, cultural, and social ties shape one’s identity and rights.

A Fine Mix

Global mobility and global citizenship are interconnected concepts that share a symbiotic relationship. Global citizenship when combined with Global mobility, opens up a world of unlimited freedom, and opportunities. It will be the new future.

To enhance Global mobility, dual citizenship leads the way, think of it as a future insurance policy. The number of world countries accepting dual citizenship has exploded over the years. With citizenships you get to have a passports. More the passports you have more the merry. Mobility rights attached to a ‘Premium’ passport creates a desirable motive to ‘change’ citizenship.

This is why modern entrepreneurs and business investors (not just for the rich and affluent) tend to show great interest alternative citizenship and residence programs in developed countries. Global uncertainties have pushed the interest to all time high for property linked migration programs.

Golden Passports

People who hold ‘Worst passports’ drive the demand for Investment based Golden passports. Global mobility, business opportunities, insurance policy, lifestyle and education choices, low taxes, wealth protection are the key drivers of golden passports. Lately the demand is up with US citizens, who look for a quicker path to settle or retire in Europe buying a property.

In summary, global mobility acts as a catalyst for the development of global citizenship, breaking down borders, human and cultural barriers.

The decision to become a free citizen of the world lies with you. We believe Global citizenship should be more accessible to Globetrotters.