U.S Passport Visa Free Countries 2024

We have compiled visa requirements for countries and territories accessible to United States passport holders. As of 2024, US passport has 188 visa free destinations becoming the 7th powerful passport in the world according to Henley passport index.

Visa Free Countries

AfghanistanVisa required
AlbaniaVisa not required1 year
AlgeriaVisa required
AndorraVisa not required3 months
AngolaVisa not required30 days
Antigua and BarbudaVisa not required6 months
ArgentinaVisa not required90 days
ArmeniaVisa not required180 days
AustraliaElectronic Travel Authority90 days
AustriaVisa not required90 days
AzerbaijaneVisa30 days
BahamasVisa not required8 months
BahraineVisa / Visa on arrival14 days
BangladeshVisa on arrival30 days
BarbadosVisa not required6 months
BelarusVisa required
BelgiumVisa not required90 days
BelizeVisa not required180 days
BenineVisa30 days
BoliviaOnline Visa / Visa on arrival30 days
Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa not required90 days
BotswanaVisa not required90 days
BrazilVisa not required / eVisa90 days
BruneiVisa not required90 days
BulgariaVisa not required90 days
Burkina FasoeVisa / Visa on arrival1 month
BurundiVisa on arrival1 month
CambodiaeVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
CanadaVisa not required6 months
Cape VerdeVisa not required30 days
Central African RepublicVisa required
ChadVisa required
ChileVisa not required90 days
ChinaVisa required
ColombiaVisa not required90 days
ComorosVisa on arrival45 days
Republic of the CongoVisa required
Democratic Republic of the CongoeVisa7 days
Costa RicaVisa not required90 days
Côte d’IvoireeVisa3 months
CroatiaVisa not required90 days
Tourist card required
CyprusVisa not required90 days
Czech RepublicVisa not required90 days
DenmarkVisa not required90 days
DjiboutieVisa90 days
DominicaVisa not required6 months
Dominican RepublicVisa not required30 days
EcuadorVisa not required90 days
EgypteVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
El SalvadorVisa not required90 days
Equatorial GuineaeVisa
EritreaVisa required
EstoniaVisa not required90 days
EswatiniVisa not required30 days
EthiopiaeVisa / Visa on arrivalup to 90 days
FijiVisa not required4 months
FinlandVisa not required90 days
FranceVisa not required90 days
GaboneVisa90 days
GambiaVisa on arrival
GeorgiaVisa not required1 year
GermanyVisa not required90 days
GhanaVisa required
GreeceVisa not required90 days
GrenadaVisa not required3 months
GuatemalaVisa not required90 days
GuineaeVisa90 days
Guinea-BissauVisa on arrival90 days
GuyanaVisa not required90 days
HaitiVisa not required3 months
HondurasVisa not required3 months
HungaryVisa not required90 days
IcelandVisa not required90 days
IndiaeVisa30 days
Indonesiae-VOA / Visa on arrival30 days
IranVisa required
IraqVisa on arrival60 days
IrelandVisa not required3 months
IsraelVisa not required90 days
ItalyVisa not required90 days
JamaicaVisa not required6 months
JapanVisa not required90 days
eVisa / Visa on arrival
KazakhstanVisa not required30 days
KenyaElectronic Travel Authorisation90 days
KiribatiVisa not required90 days
North Korea
Travel restricted by U.S. government
South KoreaVisa not required90 days
KosovoVisa not required90 days
KuwaiteVisa / Visa on arrival3 months
KyrgyzstanVisa not required60 days
LaoseVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
LatviaVisa not required90 days
LebanonFree visa on arrival30 days
LesothoVisa not required14 days
LiberiaVisa required
LibyaVisa required
LiechtensteinVisa not required90 days
LithuaniaVisa not required90 days
LuxembourgVisa not required90 days
MadagascarVisa on arrival60 days
MalawieVisa / Visa on arrival90 days
MalaysiaVisa not required3 months
MaldivesFree visa on arrival30 days
MaliVisa required
MaltaVisa not required90 days
Marshall IslandsVisa not requiredUnlimited
MauritaniaVisa on arrival
MauritiusVisa not required90 days
MexicoVisa not required180 days
MicronesiaVisa not required365 days
MoldovaVisa not required90 days
MonacoVisa not required90 days
MongoliaVisa not required90 days
MontenegroVisa not required90 days
MoroccoVisa not required3 months
MozambiqueVisa not required30 days
MyanmareVisa28 days
NamibiaVisa not required3 months
NauruVisa required30 days
NepalOnline Visa / Visa on arrival90 days
NetherlandsVisa not required90 days
New ZealandElectronic Travel Authority3 months
NicaraguaVisa not required90 days
NigerVisa required
NigeriaeVisa90 days
North MacedoniaVisa not required90 days
NorwayVisa not required90 days
OmanVisa not required / eVisa
14 days / 30 days
PakistanETA / Online Visa
30 days / 3 months
PalauVisa not required1 year
PanamaVisa not required180 days
Papua New GuineaeVisa60 days
ParaguayVisa not required90 days
PeruVisa not required90 days
PhilippinesVisa not required30 days
PolandVisa not required90 days
PortugalVisa not required90 days
QatarVisa not required30 days
RomaniaVisa not required90 days
RussiaVisa required
RwandaeVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
Saint Kitts and NevisVisa not required3 months
Saint LuciaVisa not required6 weeks
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa not required6 months
SamoaVisa not required60 days
San Marino
Visa not required
São Tomé and PríncipeVisa not required15 days
Saudi ArabiaeVisa / Visa on arrival90 days
SenegalVisa not required90 days
SerbiaVisa not required90 days
SeychellesElectronic Border System3 months
Sierra LeoneeVisa / Visa on arrival
3 months / 30 days
SingaporeVisa not required90 days
SlovakiaVisa not required90 days
SloveniaVisa not required90 days
Solomon IslandsFree Visitor’s permit on arrival3 months
SomaliaVisa on arrival
South AfricaVisa not required90 days
South SudaneVisa
SpainVisa not required90 days
Sri LankaETA / Visa on arrival30 days
SudanVisa required
SurinameVisa not required90 days
SwedenVisa not required90 days
SwitzerlandVisa not required90 days
SyriaVisa required
TaiwanVisa not required90 days
TajikistanVisa not required30 days
TanzaniaeVisa / Visa on arrival90 days
ThailandVisa not required30 days
Timor-LesteVisa on arrival30 days
TogoeVisa15 days
TongaFree visa on arrival31 days
Trinidad and TobagoVisa not required90 days
TunisiaVisa not required90 days
TurkeyVisa not required90 days
TurkmenistanVisa required
TuvaluVisa on arrival1 month
UgandaeVisa90 days
UkraineVisa not required90 days
United Arab EmiratesVisa not required30 days
United KingdomVisa not required6 months
UruguayVisa not required90 days
UzbekistaneVisa30 days
VanuatuVisa not required30 days
Vatican City
Visa not required
VenezuelaVisa required
YemenVisa required
ZambiaVisa not required30 days
ZimbabweVisa on arrival30 days

Source: Wikipedia


Visa requirements for United States citizens for visits to various territories, disputed areas, partially recognized countries..

Eritrea outside Asmara
Travel permit required
Ascension IslandeVisa3 months
Saint Helena
Visa Free with Payment
Tristan da Cunha
Permission required
MayotteVisa not required90 days
Sahrawi Arab Democratic RepublicUndefined
SomalilandVisa on arrival30 days
RéunionVisa not required90 days
Sudan outside Khartoum
Travel permit required
Travel permit required
British Indian Ocean Territory
Special permit required
HainanVisa not required30 days
Hong KongVisa not required90 days
Protected and restricted areas of India
PAP/RAP required
Iraqi KurdistanVisa on arrival30 days
Baikonur & Priozersk
Special permission required
Kish Island
Visa not required
MacauVisa not required30 days
Sabah and Sarawak
Visa not required
Maldives outside Malé
Permission required
Visa not required
Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province
OIVR permit required
Tibet Autonomous RegionTTP required
Mecca and Medina
Special access required
Closed cities of Turkmenistan
Special permit required
Phú QuốcVisa not required30 days
Yemen outside Sana’a or Aden
Special permission required
Caribbean and North Atlantic
AnguillaVisa not required3 months
ArubaVisa not required30 days
BermudaVisa not required6 months
(Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba)Visa not required180 days
British Virgin IslandsVisa not required30 days
Cayman IslandsVisa not required6 months
San Andrés and Leticia
Tourist Card on arrival
CuraçaoVisa not required6 months
French West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy)Visa not required3 months
Visa not required
MontserratVisa not required6 months
Sint MaartenVisa not required6 months
Turks and Caicos IslandsVisa not required90 days
AbkhaziaVisa required
Brest and GrodnoVisa not required10 days
CrimeaVisa required
NovorossiyaRestricted area
Northern CyprusVisa not required3 months
Faroe Islands
Visa not required
Visa not required
Visa not required
Isle of Man
Visa not required
Jan MayenPermit required24 hours
Visa not required
ArtsakhVisa required
Closed cities of Russia
Special authorization required
South Ossetia
Visa not required
SvalbardVisa not requiredUnlimited
TransnistriaVisa not required24 hours
American SamoaFreedom of movementUnlimited
Ashmore and Cartier Islands
Special authorisation required
Clipperton Island
Special permit required
Cook IslandsVisa not required31 days
Lau Province
Special permission required
French PolynesiaVisa not required90 days
GuamFreedom of movementUnlimited
NiueVisa not required30 days
New CaledoniaVisa not required90 days
Northern Mariana IslandsFreedom of movementUnlimited
Pitcairn IslandsVisa not required14 days
Entry permit required
South America
Pre-registration required
French GuianaVisa not required3 months
South Atlantic and Antarctica
Falkland IslandsVisa not required1 month
South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsPermit required
Special permits required


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