Documents Checklist for St.Lucia Citizenship Application

A Brief guide to application process, breakdown of total fees and checklist of documents required for Citizenship by investment St.Lucia. All forms can be downloaded free of charge below. To understand the documentation and application process easier, we have broken down the St. Lucia CIP Application into the headings below.

1.Application Process

This requires applicant(s) to fill out the various forms and provide the necessary documents to the CIP unit who then make the decision on the application.

See the below link to REQUIREMENTS which is the CIP issued checklist for forms and documents for anyone applying which you will have seen.

In addition to the REQUIREMENTS we will need:-

  •  Lawyers credential – this is the lawyer who is certifying all the documents as true copies
  •  Medical examiners credentials – this is for the medical examiner who is doing the form c3
  • Translators credentials – if there are any translations to be done, then these must be provided

Once the documents and forms are ready we will submit them to the CIP unit. They then take 3-5 days to review the forms and deem the file complaint or request missing documents. If it is compliant then you will receive a decision on your application within 90 days of the date the file is deemed compliant.

Once approved after / before 90 days you are then hopefully given a letter of approval which requires the payment of the investment sum fee within 60 days. Once the investment amount is paid the applicant(s) then receive their citizenship Certificate and then they get the passport about two weeks later.

Please note we need original Birth Certificate when we come to applying for the Passport only.

2. Time frame:-

Standard time frame is (9-12) months from the date your file is deemed compliant until the passport is in hand. This can be made quicker if we submit the below for the Pre-Due Diligence Processing phase as soon as possible for the applicants so due diligence process can begin:-

  1. i) Certified copy of Birth certificate
  2. ii) Certified copy of all passport pages

iii) Pay the CIP fees (see below) to the CIP unit – please note once paid these are non-refundable

  1. iv) Provide a Police (If in USA you need FBI report, Canada RCMP, not local police report) for anyone 16 and over
  2. v) Provide a CV / Resume for anyone 18 and over

Once this is submitted then the Due diligence will start on the applicant and it is entirely possible you can have a decision a lot quicker while you gather your documents to submit the full file.

3. Costs:- (all sums USD)

The breakdown of all fees are listed below

Donation Application (Single Applicant)

  • Donation cost.                           – $ 100,000.00 (one time)
  • CIP. Fees                             –  $ 8,000.00 (DD + process fee)
  • CIP Agent Fees.                                  –  TBD
  • Additional fee – Application Fee ($2000),  Passport ($400), Bank Charges ($1000), Courier ($500)

Bond Application (Single)

  • Bond sum: USD 300,000 (fully refundable after 5 years lock without interest)
  • Government Administration fee: USD 50,000 (non refundable)
  • CIP. Fees –  $ 8,000.00 (DD + process fee)
  • CIP Agent Fees –  TBD
  • Additional fee – Application Fee ($2000),  Passport ($400), Bank Charges ($1000), Courier ($500)

Family members – Number of people applying and age will influence the total amount. Please provide us age for calculations.

Note: Best Citizenships platform does not charge any fee to clients. We will assign you an licensed agent in St.Lucia who will charge a fee.

The Timeframe for payments are :-

  1. To submit the file – CIP fees, application fee and 50% of Agent fees have to be paid
  2. Once you are approved – you will then pay – donation/investment amount, and the remaining fees

4.Application Forms

The Application forms are available free to download below. The prescribed forms for application under the Citizenship by Investment Regulations of 2015 are as follows.

5. Documents Required

The following are full and exhaustive list of paperwork required for CIP Saint Lucia program.

1. Proof of payment of non- refundable processing and due diligence fees. *Please see attached the Banking Details for depositing the processing and due diligence fees. Original

2. Document Checklist (SL1) Original

3. Use of Authorized Agent Form (SL2) Original

4. Statement of Alternative Citizenship (SL3) Original

5. Investment Confirmation Form (SL4) Original N/A N/A

6. Application for Registration as a Citizen of Saint Lucia (SL5) Original

7. Excerpt of full birth record OR Certified copy of full birth certificate (i.e. a birth document that also includes your parents’ details, or a household register, family book, etc). Certified Copy Certified Copy

8. Proof of name change (if applicable) (e.g deed poll, adoption papers, etc). * ONLY applicants who have had a name change areerqui d to provide this supporting document. Certified Copy

9. Certificate(s) of Citizenship (if applicable) Certified Copy

10. Permanent resident card or certificate (if applicable) Certified Copy

11. Military record(s.) * You must s ubmit for anyone who has served in the military or armed forces for any period of time. Certified Copy

12. Photograph and S ignature Certificate (S L) 6 * For children who are below the age of 18 or where a qualifying dependent is physical or mentally challenged and cannot write, please insert N/A in the field specimen signature. Original 3/4 Required Format Principal Applicant Spouse Qualifying Dependent

13. Six (6) passport- sized, colour photos of yourself taken within the last six months.

14. National identity card(s) (if applicable). Certified Copy

15. Copy of ALL pages of your current passport(s) Certified Copy

16. One (1) document of proof of residential address valid within the last three months immediately preceding the submission of the application. *Examples of proof of residential address include: Certified copy of a recent utility bill OR Bank statement showing full name and address. Certified Copy/ Original

17. Certified copy of marriage record or marriage certificate(s) (if applicable). *You must submit for the principal applicant and the spouse. Certified Copies

18. Certified copy of divorce decree (if applicable *You must submit for the principal applicant and spouse. Certified Copies

19. Curriculum Vitae * You must submit for the principal applicant and every qualifying dependant who is 18 and over. Original

20. Professional reference (e.g. from an attorney, chartered accountant or other professional of similar standing) valid within the last six months immediately preceding the submission of the applications. Original

21. Bank reference letter is sued by an internationally recognised bank valid within the last six months immediately preceding the submission of the application. Original

22. Sworn affidavit of support of your spouse and each other qualifying dependent – (SL7) Original N/A N/A 23. Professional and academic certificates *You must submit for the principal applicant and every qualifying ependent who is 18 and over.

23. Professional and academic certificates *You must submit for the principal applicant and every qualifying dependent who is 18 and over. Certified Copies.

24. Police certificate from country of birth, and from any other country in which you have resided for a period of at least one year during the ten (10) years immediately preceding the submission of the application for citizenship by investment. • The police certificate should be no more than six months old. *In the event that you are unable to obtain a police certificate, please provide an explanation. Police certificates are NOT required for qualifying dependants below the age of 16 Original

25. Certified copy of your current and expired visas. Certified Copy

26. Medical Examiner Details and Declaration (SL8) Original 27. Official transcripts or written confirmation from a recognised school, university or college of a qualifying dependent who is between the ages of 18 and 25 and enrolled at that school, university or college at the time of submitting the application. Original N/A N/A

28. Custody or legal guardianship records. Certified Copy

29. Statutory declaration of a non-accompanying parent of a qualifying dependant below the age of 18, indicating that he or she has no objection to his or her child acquiring Saint Lucian citizenship. Original

30. A certified copy of a photo ID of a non-accompanying parent bearing his or her signature. Certified Copy


• Have been convicted of a criminal offence except a minor traffic offence.
• Have been denied any category of visa to a country to which Saint Lucia has visa free access and been unsuccessful in subsequently obtaining visa.
• Be the subject of a criminal investigation
• Be involved in any activity likely to cause disrepute to Saint Lucia and;
• Have been declared, by a court or qualified health practitioner to be mentally incapacitated.


• The Citizenship by Investment Board will consider an application for citizenship and the outcome may either be to grant, deny or delay for cause, an application for citizenship by investment.
• The average processing time from receipt of an application to notification of the outcome is 90 days. Where, in exceptional cases, it is expected that the processing time will be longer than 90 days, the authorised agent will be informed of the reason for the anticipated delay.
• An application for citizenship by investment must be submitted in electronic and printed form by an authorised agent on behalf of an applicant.
• All applications must be completed in English.
• All documents submitted with the application must be in the English Language or an authenticated translation into the English Language. NB: An authenticated translation means a translation effected by either a professional translator who is officially accredited.

Please contact us if you have any questions.