Citizenship or Residency? UK and Cyprus compete for 2 million investment

Do you want citizenship or residency? Cyprus and United Kingdom have stiff competition for attracting Ultra High Net Worth individuals who can invest 2 million pounds/euro in these countries.   Cyprus requires 2 million in euros while United Kingdom requires 2 million  pounds (2.3 mill euro).   The one difference is Cyprus offers full EU citizenship while the UK tier1…

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Difference between Moldova and Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Moldova and Montenegro announced their new citizenship by investment schemes in 2018 both countries are expected to receive excess of 1 billion euros through the CBI schemes . Moldova and Montenegro CBI programs should not be confused with each other. The main difference between the two CBI schemes are.. Montenegro is a limited citizenship scheme only accepts 2000 applications. Moldova…

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Citizenship by Investment History

The concept of buying citizenship for cash have existed in ancient times. Roughly two thousand years ago , Roman citizenship was sold to rich and wealthy for money. In the book of Acts, Paul has a discussion with a Roman Centurion who claims he bought his citizenship “for a lot of money”.   Roman citizenship gave its citizens, right for unimpeded…

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