Hungary has announced big changes to the golden visa program for foreign property buyers, investing in Hungary. According to the new rules, only properties worth atleast 500,000 euros bought AFTER Jan 1, 2025 will be eligible for golden visa residence permit in Hungary.

Start Date

The Hungary golden visa program, although officially starts from July 1, 2024. Only real estate fund and public donation option investment routes will be available from this date. Property buyers will have to wait until Jan 1, 2025 to buy real estate. Hungary golden visa program grants 10 year residence permit (extension possible for another 10 years)  to foreign investors for their investments.

Points To Remember

  • The Real estate investment fund (EUR 250,000) and Public donation (1 million euro)  investment route are available from July 1, 2024.
  • Only properties bought after Jan 1, 2025 eligible for golden visa. The property has to be valued atleast 500,000 euros bought anywhere inside Hungary.
  • You must appear in person in Hungary to apply. It is not possible to apply remotely, unlike other golden visa programs in Europe. You must have already a schengen visa or travel using a a passport (eg. US, Singapore) that has visa free access to Hungary.
  • Residence permit holders once approved have the right to work in Hungary.
  • Golden visa provides pathway to Hungarian citizenship after 8 years of continuous living in Hungary with the knowledge of Hungarian language.

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