We assist clients with last minute applications for Saint Lucia citizenship by investment programme (CIP) with the current $100,000 investment. The Minimum investment is expected to double to $200,000 from July 1.

As time is very limited, clients can still apply for St.Lucia CIP. To assist with the rush applications, only the following documents needed to be submitted initially for preprocessing, for the your file to be submitted to the government. The rest of the documents can be compiled later.

Initial Documents

The following documents are required for preprocessing
– CV
– Birth certificate  ( certified)
– All passport pages (certified)
The full list of documents and application forms can be found in the official website.

Initial Payment

The following initial payment can be paid to the government, after providing the documents for preprocessing.
  • Application fee – $2000
  • Due diligence fee – $8000 (paid to government)
  • Lawyer filing fee – $3000


The expected 2024 processing times due to backlog can be 9-12 months.


The full investment can be made AFTER approval letter issued by government which can take around 10 months. The actual costs can be calculated using our online cip calculator.

Note: We warn our clients not to fall for discounts, offered by unlicensed agents, through underselling, which is illegal, as announced the government. Such applications will not be processed by government under new regulations.