We get a lot of questions from clients asking us how to get the EU citizenship fastest for golden visa investments. We will cut to the chase and answer you straightforward. It is impossible to get EU citizenship for money, without living for atleast 5 years. On top of that you have pass language and citizenship tests. Malta is one country that will give you direct citizenship for investments after 12-14 months if you donate 750,000 euros to government. It is just a donation (not an investment), you wont get the money back. They also have very high refusal rates and very strict on who they grant citizenship.

We have three very good golden visa programs that will give you EU passport for investing.

1. Portugal – 500K (fund) citizenship after 5 years
2. Greece – 250K real estate until Aug 21) citizenship after 7 years
3. Hungary – 250K (fund opens after July 1) citizenship after 8 years
4. Spain – 500K (fund) citizenship after 10 years (3 years for spanish speaking nations)

Important to note here, is Portugal is the easiest and only EU country that will lead to EU citizenship without living (just visit 2 weeks per year). All other EU country require you to continuously live for 7+ years to get the coveted EU citizenship. Becoming a EU citizen gives you full rights to live, work, study in all EU member states.