Citizenship by investment programs (CBI/CIP) have been super popular among investors who seek another citizenship with global mobility. We show you top 10 CBI programs ranked by Best Citizenships. Our PBS scoring model ranks best CBI program after considering 40 important metrics.

For example, we have considered residence requirements, passport validity, citizenship rights, family members, passport benefits, visa free benefits etc. Caribbean programs have scored top rankings for being most affordable, with citizenship and passport benefits.

Number one is Grenada. Ranks for being a complete CBI program will full citizenship rights and family friendly accepting siblings. Visa free travel to 140+ countries including China and possibility to apply for E2 investor visa to US. Saint Lucia takes the second place for being the most affordable and cheapest CBI for investors with full citizenship rights. If you already have US visa, you qualify for Canada ETA.

Antigua  climbs to third place for being most family friendly CBI, a strong passport for visa free travel to 145_ countries including China and eligibility for Canada ETA if you already have US visa.

Saint Kitts and Nevis down to fourth place after prices increased in 2023 to $250,000. Still a strong passport with eligibility for canada ETA. Dominica fell in rankings to fifth place after losing visa waiver to UK. Still a good caribbean passport.

Malta remains the last remaining EU citizenship by investment program only suitable for very rich families. You have to donate 750,000 euros to government to get citizenship after one year. The rules are very stringent.

Turkey in seventh place has an attractive citizenship program for property buyers, investing at least $400,000. Turkish citizens need a visa to travel to UK and Schengen area. They can also apply for US E-2 visas.

North Macedonia citizenship by investment program is currently running with a limited quota, but not unpopular.

Vanuatu dropped to eight place after losing visa free access to UK and Schengen area. Still a good and only program giving a quick path to Australia PR status.

Egypt’s citizenship program is also interesting for many arab families.

Donation and real estate path is available granting citizenship in just 3 months with E-2 treaty benefit.

Basic Eligibility

To apply you should not have criminal record and no visa refusal from UK, Canada or Schengen countries.

Price Increase

Many caribbean countries are doubling the prices from Jun 30, 2024. Don’t miss the last golden opportunity to invest in citizenship.

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