Listen to the Podcast by our Mr. Prabhu Balakrishnan, CEO and Founder of Best Citizenships.

Best Citizenships founded 13 years ago, today becoming a global brand for CBI. We receive about 2000 client inquiries every year. We have high standards assisting clients. Many clients do not understand working model of how we work.

Online Platform

First Best Citizenships is an online platform . Our consulting services are free of charge. We work directly with licensed agents, lawyers, property developers in Caribbean, Europe for Golden visas and citizenship by investment. We put you in touch with our partners, who give professional advice on citizenship matters. We cannot provide any immigration, property investment or tax advice to clients. These are handled by our partners. We eliminate brokers or middlemen, making it cheaper and faster for clients with applications and payments. Our consulting business model been there since 13 years, we are getting more popular with pricing, high quality advice through our experienced advisors.


Imagine a world, where you just take the passport, board the plane go anywhere in the world without visas. This is the ultimate freedom. This is what many people want. Freedom is priceless.


Imagine you have a family, children can go abroad can study anywhere without visas. You can go for business trip, conferences do whatever you want with your new passport.

Plan B

You are rich wealthy and you dont have a plan b passport in your safe lockers. Most wealthy people invest atleast $100k to buy a passport.

Luxury Item

A passport can always replace ferrari, super cars , gold, art collection or any luxury item, because it is the ultimate safety tool and luxury status symbol. It is the ultimate insurance policy of the 21st century.

Family Offices

Family offices who hold billions or trillions in assets must allocate atleast 1% portfolio into buying alternate citizenship or second passport. It is the new trend with HNWI clients.

Plan in Advance

The most important thing here is to plan well ahead atleast one year in advance. After that, it will be too late, you wont be able to catch the last ride. That ship has sailed. This is what we tell all our clients families to apply well in advance. Think about it!

I decided to leave my country, 15 years ago, traveled to 40 countries, now i am a permanent resident in Europe and decided to become a citizen of europe. It gave me the most wanted freedom to enjoy life.

Always have a backup plan, if something happens, safety is the most important one, lets say there is a war, conflicts, financial meltdown, chaos, just take the passport and leave. You provide safe passage to family, children, protect assets abroad. There are unlimited opportunities abroad.

Dont be stuck in one country. Unleash your freedom. It is in your hands.

Contact us if you have any questions. We will answer you with all possible means.