One of the most important benefits of Vanuatu citizenship by investment is investors and their family members get access to become permanent residents in Australia and later become citizens of Australia after 5 years.

Vanuatu citizens can apply for Australia PR under unique lottery Pacific engagement visa scheme reserved for citizens of pacific countries including Vanuatu. Some 3000 visas are set aside, selected on a monthly ballot system.  This visa is a permanent resident visa and therefore applicants will be free to choose where they live, work and study in Australia. There are no restrictions on work location, industry/type of work or employer.

To be eligible for the Pacific Engagement Visa, primary applicants will need to:

  • be aged between 18 to 45 to enter the ballot
  • be selected through the electronic ballot process (costs $25 to participate)
  • secure a formal ongoing job offer in Australia (or their partner/spouse must have a job offer)
  • meet English language, character and health checks
  • hold a passport for a participating country

Applicants can include a partner and legally dependent children in their application. Visa allocations will be based on several factors including population size, diaspora in Australia, existing migration opportunities, expected demand and participating country views. Applicants will need to demonstrate that they meet all relevant criteria before being granted a visa.

Vanuatu government grants expedited citizenship to foreign investors who donate $130,000 to the DSP scheme or $200,000 in real estate projects. Applications are processed very fast within 30-40 days. The Passport of Vanuatu is recognized as a valid travel document worldwide in 196 countries and territories. Citizens do not required to obtain visa for 96 countries. A valid Vanuatu passport is required to apply for US, Canada and UK visas. The Government is actively working forward to restore visa waiver agreement with European Union, United Kingdom and Australia.

Vanuatu does not have any personal, income or capital gains taxes. Also a non FATCA country, a few in the world, may be attractive for those looking for citizenship in a tax free country.