The answer is yes. It is certainly possible for crypto investors to buy citizenship using bitcoin or major cryptocurrencies. As of 2024, there are only three countries, below..

  1. Vanuatu – USD 135,000 (donation)
  2. El Salvador – USD 1 million (donation)
  3. Turkey – USD 400,000 (real estate)

El Salvador became the first country to launch citizenship with bitcoin through Adopting El Salvador program, considering the global bitcoin market cap reaching $1 trillion in 2024. Many investors increasingly seek alternative citizenship to expand their global mobility for visa free travel, privacy and freedom abroad.

Officially only El Salvador (where it is legal tender) accepts Bitcoin for citizenship investors. No other government officially accept crypto payments. St.Kitts & Nevis, Antigua have cryptocurrency legislation, but acceptance is still in the pipeline.

Unofficially, some agents and property developers have specific arrangements to accept bitcoin from clients, for example with Vanuatu and Turkey. Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are also acceptable for real estate investments.

We accept Bitcoin for Vanuatu and Turkey. Please contact us for more information.