We get a lot of questions from Golden visa investors on this topic of right to work. The Right to work is an important benefit investors receive with their EU residence permit for their investments (eg. buying property). Along with the family members and their children also get working rights attached to their residence permit.

Unfortunately only few golden visa programs offer this benefit of right to work. This is often useful for those seeking employment or work for their own company. We compare seven golden visa programs in Europe offering working rights.

Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and Czechia are the only golden visa programs offering right to work on national level, to investors and family members. These are the very best golden visa programs in Europe.

Golden VisaInvestor Family members
CyprusLimited *Limited
Czech RepublicYesYes
HungaryYes **Yes

*Can work as director of own company .
**Allowed to work as CEO of company or legal entity for earning income.

At EU Level, non-EU or third country nationals, you may have the right to work in the EU and to be treated equally with EU nationals about work conditions. These rights depend on your nationality or on your status as family members of EU nationals. Each EU country has its own rules related to work and resident permits, may require prior permission from the immigration authority.

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