Greece is a unique destination and an ideal place to stay. Despite its small size, the country features areas of exceptional natural wealth, ideal for escapes to both picturesque islands and imposing mountains. The country’s stunning topography offers a wide range of entertainment options. Also, the Greek lifestyle, which blends ancient and modern culture, makes Greece an extraordinary destination. Nowadays, Greece is an attractive place for investment, as it offers entrepreneurs a variety of investment opportunities that stem from the country’s strategic geographical location and unique competitive advantages. Greece is a natural gateway to the markets of Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, areas with more than 140 million consumers and a GDP of almost 1 trillion euros.

History and Culture

As the birthplace of Western civilisation, Greece’s cultural legacy lives on in Modern Greek society. While countless archaeological sites and museums offer visitors a chance to experience Greek history in person, the country’s deep heritage is also felt in the spectacular concert halls, the summer open-air theaters, and the bustling neighborhood art galleries found throughout Athens and other cities. Greece allows both visitors and residents to explore the roots of Western Civilization.


With 300+ days of sunshine per year, the climate in Greece makes living in this Mediterranean destination a year-round joy. The country’s impressive topography and existing facilities offer countless options for recreation and relaxation, such as tennis, sailing, swimming, skiing, golf, biking, rock climbing – to name a few. For after-hours entertainment, restaurants, clubs, and cultural venues contribute to a vibrant nightlife. Last but not least, modern tourist infrastructure is at your disposal for weekend getaways to some of the world’s most beautiful locales.


The Mediterranean diet is a global brand that needs no introduction. There is nowhere on earth better suited for healthy, wholesome eating than Greece. The country offers a wide variety of fresh ingredients and traditional products, such as fresh seafood, olive oil, cheeses, and other dairy products, tempting pastries and specialty wines to satisfy every epicure and thrill every cook


Greece offers a wide variety of international educational options for expatriates, from pre-schools to universities, especially for students seeking English, French, and German studies. Many high schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and have a good track record in placing students at prestigious universities, both in Greece and abroad. At the same time, many international universities offer educational programs in Greece for undergraduates and graduates alike


Greece offers a modern healthcare infrastructure and highly skilled physicians and specialists trained in the world’s most excellent medical facilities. Many medical and nursing staff are fluent in English and familiar with providing health services to foreign residents and visitors. Healthcare in Greece is provided by the National Health Service and by private sector institutions. Employees in Greece must be insured through the National Social Security System and can also choose complementary private healthcare coverage


Greece ranks high among EU member states in terms of the number of speakers of a second language. English is the most widely spoken second language in Greece and is used daily for business purposes. Besides, there are speakers of most European and non-European languages.


Greece features a modern transport network that facilitates travel across the country by plane, ship, train, or car. Almost the entire country is covered by public transport, which makes travel throughout Greece fast and simple.


Greece is one of the safest countries in the World being  a member of the European Union and the Eurozone  and Schengen area. The majority of population speaks English as a second language

Real Estate

Greece still has affordable property market prices in Europe, with high return of income on the investment due to booming tourism, and high demand of properties, being a vacation destination.

Golden Visa

The Greece golden visa scheme is an irresistible scheme offering permanent residence (5 year) rights to foreign investors who buy properties for 250,000 euros in Greece. Right to work is not allowed to investors and family members. Here are the important benefits for golden visa holders.

  • Reside without time restrictions in Greece
  • Travel without any requirements to 26 European Schengen-area countries and reside there for up to three months every semester
  •  Long-term residence, and thus citizenship status, can be obtained, under specific conditions
  •  No language requirement
  • No minimum personal income requirement
  •  Simple, fast and transparent processing
  •  Very low application cost
  •  Access to the Greek education system
  • Residence permit has the form of electronic card, not attached on the passport
  •  Very competitive prices in real estate assets, compared to other European destinations.
  •  High rental yields for quality properties in prime locations

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