Buyback shares are very popular among investors in Golden Visas and Citizenship by investment Programs to invest in hotels, apartments and holiday homes.  It is an investment strategy Typically, a property investment is linked to automatic rights to citizenship or residency.  The property developer guarantees to full buyback the entire share after holding 5 years, making this a fully refundable investment. During that period you are also paid 4-5% annual returns. The share value can also appreciate with rising property costs making it a highly profitable investment strategy.

The developer will use this investment to finance construction, property management, and operational expenses. These operational costs are not passed to buyers or share holders.

This type of investment is eligible for golden visa or citizenship permanently even after withdrawing the full amount. At the moment we offer buyback opportunity for properties in

  • Greece – €250,000 Residential / Commercial
  • Grenada – $200,00 Resort hotel
  • Antigua – $200,000 Hotel / Residential condos.

Natural persons or legal entities can also invest in buyback shares. To qualify for residence permit or citizenship, it must be owned 100% of shares by legal person.

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