Piraeus, the port city in Greece “shines” big for property investors seeking golden visas becoming a prime real estate market. Nestled along the stunning coastline of Athens, has been gaining recognition as a promising real estate destination. It emerges as a response to the increasing property prices in other seaside areas of Athens. Piraeus offers great opportunities for both investors and homeowners with its rich history, strong commercial presence, and residential appeal. Piraeus is a top real estate destination besides Athens, blending business and residential charm with high quality of life. The city is  well-connected hub to the rest of Greece and Europe via air, sea, and road, with connectivity to Athens.

Reduced Golden Visa

The Government offers 50% reduced investment for buying properties for only €250,000 compared to €500,000 in Athens and suburbs. With this  lower investment requirement as major attraction, draws  diverse set of investors who seek European residency, a lucrative investment, or a vibrant coastal lifestyle, Piraeus promises a bright future.

A Hub of Business Activity

Piraeus, an ancient region in Attica, thrived because of its active port connected to Athens. This historical background has transformed Piraeus into a vibrant hub, drawing in international businesses and entrepreneurs. It houses the headquarters of some of the world’s biggest companies, making it a central hub for business.

Closer to Athens

Piraeus is well connected by metro to nearby athens city which is 10km, which takes approx 25 minutes by metro.


Pireaus enjoys Mediterranean climate characterized by warm summers and mild winters. The locale offers beautiful beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

Prime Real Estate

Piraeus has a prime real estate market with high return of investment, becoming a “prime market” for record high property sales and guaranteed rental yields. Property prices up by 10% in 2022 in city center and suburbs. Foreigners can buy apartments, holiday homes, villas, holiday homes, hotels or commercial properties eligible for €250,000 golden visa investment can get 5 year permanent residency in Greece.

Highly Residential Area

Piraeus is more than just a thriving commercial hub; it also provides a vibrant community of residents in Greece for a quiet and peaceful living. You’ll discover a range of living options, from contemporary family apartments to the trendy micro-apartments. The appeal of Piraeus extends beyond its business prominence to the promise of coastal living. The properties in the city centre produce high rental returns.

A World at Your Doorstep

Piraeus presents a lifestyle that caters to diverse tastes and needs. Residents and investors can relish the convenience of having everything within easy reach. Just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find three metro stops, ensuring seamless connectivity to central Athens and Syntagma Square. The bustling port of Piraeus, a gateway to island adventures, stands ready for exploration. In addition to public transportation, Piraeus boasts an inviting culinary and cultural scene. Many eateries, cafes, and the classic Piraeus flea market, invite you to enjoy Greek flavors and experience its vibrant culture.

Piraeus doesn’t stop at the Golden Visa. The area’s thriving rental market provides an opportunity for high returns if you decide to rent your property. It’s a dual benefit—European residency giving you a potential income stream. The Greek golden visa program offers opportunity to become an European citizen after seven years of living.