A considerable number of wealthy families seek second citizenship by investing.  Family tree can be quite complex. Rules and eligibility conditions vary greatly for family members depending which country they apply.

Our top picks are Grenada and Antigua in the Caribbean. These countries go as far as accepting grandparents of  the applicant and spouse. You can also can postpone family dependents for post citizenship additions. The citizenship legislation for who qualifies as “dependent” are modified every year.

Top Family Picks

1. Grenada
2. Antigua
3. Saint Lucia
4. Malta
5. Dominica
6. St.Kitts & Nevis
7. Turkey
8. North Macedonia

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme since its opening in 2013 has become the most popular “family friendly CBI” programs in the Caribbean. It remains on top of the list being super friendly to families with higher age limit for sibling (brother or sister of same parent), parents and even grandparents. Provisions include even mentally or handicapped

Key Differences

Key differences between Citizenship by Investment program when it comes to eligibility of family members. We made a infographics to make it easier for you to comapre difference the rules for eligibility of family members. This way you know where to apply. If you don’t meet the criteria for example you exceed the age limit, don’t worry you still qualify, but will need to make a separate application.

Family Eligibility Table

Note: Conditions for family dependants vary significantly with each CBI program. This can change in the future. **Blue tick for Malta ( same sex applications accepted). **Yellow tick – For North macedonia, spouse and children can be admitted only after investor receives citizenship.

In a Nutshell

  • St.Kitts restricts siblings and grandparents
  • Dominica, Malta limits siblings.
  • Malta accepts same sex marriages.
  • Macedonia accepts family members only after main applicant has received citizenship.
  • Turkey does not accept siblings, grandparents and children above 18 years of age.

Basic Conditions

  • Main applicant must be 18 years of old.
  • Children can be biological or adopted (no issues). Important to note they must be in full time education and financially supported by main applicant.
  • Ineligibility – it is not possible to include adult children above 30 years of age and also parents below 55 years of age. Siblings may or may not be accepted for some countries provided they are unmarried and no children. It is worth mentioning St Lucia accepts mentally or physically challenged children of ANY age imposes no age restrictions. They have to make separate applications.


Polygamy is unlawful legally in many countries. You won’t qualify, if you are claiming citizenship for two wives,

Same sex marriage – The Caribbean nations do not recognise same sex marriages. Malta and other EU countries are open to these cases.

New born child – If you have a new born child, citizenship is not automatic. You have to pay the required fee to government.

Case scenario:  For example if four brothers (below 30 and unmarried) and a mother applying for CBI, then according the above rules only Grenada accepts the application. But if mother applying as main applicant, to include her four sons, this application is eligible for other CBI. But its important to show the mother has to prove to fully financially support her sons, else the application won’t be accepted.

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