The El Salvador Government has officially opened a Freedom Golden visa program that provides path to citizenship by contributing BTC 23 or $1 million or USDT to the state. It is ‘first of kind’ Golden visa program purely based on Bitcoin, which is legal tender in El Salvador. The Freedom visas is limited to 1000 investors per year.

Why El Salvador

  • Great weather, world class surfing beaches, beach front properties for sale.
  • One of the few countries in the world with no property tax.
  • Bitcoin is a legal tender.
  • No capital gains tax for Bitcoin , since it will be a legal currency.
  • Immediate permanent residence for crypto entrepreneurs.
  • Spearheading digital innovations.

Freedom Visa

The El Salvador Freedom Visa program is designed to benefit the economy, the culture and the people of El Salvador. It offers a golden opportunity for bitcoin hodlers and entrepreneurs to take an active role in building an entirely new economy and a better future in Bitcoin Country, El Salvador.  The Freedom Residency Visa program in El Salvador is designed as a long-term residency and citizenship initiative, similar to the concept of a Golden Visa program in other countries.


The eligibility criteria for participating are primarily designed for high-net-worth individuals or investors interested in contributing to building Bitcoin Country. Potential applicants would need to meet the financial threshold specified by the government, set at $1 million in Bitcoin or USDt (Tether). Successful applicants are eligible for a Salvadoran passport.

This program is limited to only 1000 participants per year can invest in a renaissance that they help build. Their $1 million contribution will go toward economic development, cultural enrichment and social programs meant to achieve maximum economic development and rebirth. Successful applicants are eligible for a Salvadoran passport.

Application Process

The Application process for the El Salvador Freedom Visa is a straightforward procedure that requires just a few minutes to complete the initial form. Once submitted, the processing time can vary, with approvals typically taking up to 6 weeks. During this period, the provided information is carefully reviewed and verified to ensure compliance with the program’s requirements. While the initial application is swift, the processing duration allows for meticulous assessment, ensuring that all necessary steps are followed before the exclusive Freedom Visa is granted and the path to citizenship is opened.

Upon completion of the payment process, the Freedom Visa will be issued. You can choose to receive your Freedom Visa by post or collect it in person.  The Freedom visa often extends to spouses, children, and, in some cases, dependent family members. The program allows for a collective application, enabling families to pursue citizenship and the privileges associated with the Freedom Visa together.

Bitcoin is Legal Tender

El Salvador is the first country to make Bitcoin a legal tender in 2021. By embracing Bitcoin as legal tender, El Salvador has taken significant strides towards integrating approximately 70 percent of its population, who previously lacked bank accounts, into the formal economy.