The Caribbean countries have introduced mandatory interviews to all applicants, except children, to verify identities of investors applying for citizenship by investment. The interviews had to be taken virtually over a video call, with an additional fee levied. This interview and identity verification process will be fourth layer of security checks involved in screening applicants in strengthening the CBI programs with risk mitigation approach as recommended in CBI round table conference.

Interviews Start date Condition Interview Fee (per person) Notes
St.Kitts & Nevis July 19, 2023 Dependants aged 16 or over Included in DD fee
Antigua & Barbuda Dec 15, 2023 Above 16 years $1500 Separately
Saint Lucia Sep 4, 2023 Main applicant only $500 Included in Due diligence fee
Grenada Sep  4, 2023 17 years and above $1,000 Paid separately
Dominica July 12, 2023 16 years and above $1000 Per interview

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