All applicants must meet the below criteria before they apply for citizenship by investment programs. We board only those who have clean background and have enough financial means to apply.  Review the below checklist yourself to see if you qualify for CBI. This saves so much time, money and delays for you. If you are ineligible, please ask for advise of the agent or lawyer handling your application. Prevention is better than receiving a rejection from authorities, in these cases.

  • Passport – Must be your valid Passport. (Must not be expired)
  • Nationality – Evidence all your nationalities and immigration status if you live abroad.
  • Birth certificate – Original birth certificate
  • Criminal record – Police record (no criminal history)
  • Visa rejection – Must not have from UK, EU, Canada or any other country with visa waiver agreement.
  • Blacklist – Not from Iran, Russia, Belarus, DPRK or sanctioned nations
  • Enough funds – Prove you must have enough funds in your bank account. You also have to meet minimum net requirement.
  • Military service – Discharge duties must be disclosed in application.
  • Name change  – Provide evidence of name change
  • Banks – Banks do compliance checks to receive funds. Failure to provide evidence of funds and KYC will cause funds stuck in the banking system creating unnecessary delays.
  • Medical history – Applicants must be physical and mentally sound before they make the application
  • Age limit – Family members such as children, siblings, parents must be under certain age limit to apply. (Please check)
  • Dual citizenship – Must not be from another prohibited nation
  • Main applicant – Must be 18 years old and above.
  • Immigration history – Evidence of travel history, previous immigration records and must not be deported.

We advise clients to apply for only legal and official CBI programs and apply through licensed agents or a brand like us who have years of trust and experience with a proven track record.