The Egypt’s citizenship by investment (CIP) is highly underrated and least known investment schemes in the World. It is the only golden passport program in Africa. The fast tracked citizenship granted within 3 months to foreigners in exchange for financial investment made in the country (eg. Real estate). If not for investment, under normal circumstances, foreigners have to wait for 4 years and speak Arab fluently to become Egyptian. Egypt remains the richest country in Africa at the crossroads connecting four continents. As per latest data more than 400 investors have already applied and received egyptian citizenship by investing,

Legal background

On April 12, 2023, the Egyptian House of Representatives approved new modifications to Law No. 26 of 1975 on Citizenship. The new amendments pertain to articles 6 and 11 of the Citizenship Law. On March 2, 2023, Egyptian Prime Minister issued Prime Minister’s Decree No. 876 of 2023. This decree set the minimum price threshold for acquisition of Egyptian citizenship through the purchase of real estate at US$300,000. (Prime Minister’s Decree No. 876 of 2023, art. 1.).

Egyptian Law No. 140 of 2019 regulating the process of applying for the Egyptian citizenship by investment for foreigners. The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones has established Nationality Grant Unit for granting citizenships. Due to the close link between the citizenship project and attracting investments. the Egyptian authorities have the right to reject my application for the Egyptian citizenship without giving any reasons. Decree No. 647 of 2020 forming Citizenship Applications Assessment Unit and regulating its scope of competence and duties together with the rules and regulations related to the process of applying for the Egyptian citizenship.


  • Aquire African citizenship and passport (fast track)
  • Live, work, study in Egypt.
  • Minimal residence requirement
  • Visa free access to 65 nationals
  • Dual nationality allowed
  • Apply for US E-2 visa
  • Freely invest in properties
  • Free healthcare and education
  • Suitable for Arab families from Middle East
  • No language or culture test.
  • Tax benefits for companies.

Eligible Investments

In Sep 2023, Egypt approved draft law increasing the minimum real estate investment to $500,000

  • Real Estate – $300,000 (recoverable investment)
  • Treasury Donation – $250,000 (non recoverable)
  • Bank deposit – $500,000 (recoverable)
  • Business – US$ 350,000 (40% share atleast, recoverable)

Payments can be made in instalments. Investors must live in Egypt for 6 months with Temporary residence permit before apply for citizenship. Examination of applications take 3 months at least. Investors must provide a certificate of police record is issued, whether inside Egypt or abroad, along with the papers related to the wife, wives and minor children of less than 21 years, Amounts must be transferred from abroad to the Central Bank of Egypt and paid in cash.

The Amended legislation has provisions for Egyptian investor citizenship will be withdrawn from individuals found guilty of participating in illegal activities, such as terrorist act, fraud or other criminal activities. The Egyptian passport issued for investors are valid for 7 years and is renewable.

Application form

Download – PDF (Arabic)

Required Documents

The following documentation must be attached to the application form.

1. The original Application Form for the Egyptian Citizenship together with the additional information.

2 A copy of the Transfer Form from abroad evidencing payment of the filing fee (USD 10,000 or its equivalent) to Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) – Council of Ministers – Citizenship Applications Assessment Unit; Account no.: 4/082/19000/2; Swift code: cbegegcxxxx; IBAN Code: EG160001000100000004082190002.

3. A copy of the passport evidencing the original nationality of the citizenship applicant.

4. A copy of the passport(s) evidencing the other nationality of the citizenship applicant. A copy of each passport of which.

5. An original or official copy of the birth certificate of the citizenship applicant.

6. Three (3) recent identity photos of the citizenship applicant.

7. An acknowledgment by the citizenship applicant indicating the other nationalities s/he holds, if any.

8. A copy of the spouse’s passport evidencing his/her original nationality.

9. A copy of the spouse’s passport(s) evidencing his/her other nationality. A copy of each passport of which.

10. A copy of the marriage contract.

11. A copy of the passport or (birth certificate or ID card) of minor children. A copy of each document of which.

12. The original criminal status record issued by the Egyptian authorities.

13. An official certificate of the citizenship applicant’s movements that is issued by the applicant’s country of origin.

14. An Official Movement Certificate provided that such certificate be covering the applicant’s movements for the past five (5) years as of the application date and that it be issued by the applicant’s country of permanent residence.

15. An official certificate issued by the applicant’s country of origin to the effect that the applicant has never been convicted of a felony or a freedom-restricting penalty in a crime involving breach of trust, provided that such certificate be attested by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

16. In the event that the investor owns stocks (shares) in any company, please attach a copy of the commercial registry or the Company’s Gazette; a copy of the company’s Tax Card; a copy of the applicant’s deeds of title of any real estate in Egypt; and a copy of the vehicle(s) license(s) that the applicant personally owns.

17. An official report evidencing the result of the medical examination of the applicant. To be submitted during the residence.

18. The original document evidencing that Investment Program requirements have been met. To be submitted during the residence