The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme now requires citizenship applicants, who are age 17 years or older, to participate in a mandatory interview. The commencement of the interview process will take effect September 4, 2023 for all applications, as per Circular No. 9 of Sep 1, 2023

To satisfy the programme’s new regulation, applicants must accede to certain requirements:

  • Applicants, who qualify for the interview, must complete, and submit the attached interview form along with their citizenship application documents to the Citizenship by Investment Unit.
  • Applicants must clearly specify in the designated application form their language preference for the interview.
  • Each applicant, who is the required age to be interviewed, must pay a fee of US $1,000.

Interview Fee

    • Main Applicant $1,000
    • Spouse $1,000
    • Child age 17 and over $1,000
    • Dependent Parent $1,000
    • Single Applicant $1,000
    • Financial Sponsor $1000
  • The interview requirement and additional charge will apply to all applications submitted to the Citizenship by Investment Unit on or after September 4. As such, all invoices previously issued to clients whose applications were not submitted before the start of the regulation will be reissued to reflect the interview fee.

A link with the instructions for the interview will be emailed to applicants at the address provided by the applicant in the interview form. Though the email with the instructions and the required link will be shared in English, the Interviews will occur via an automated system that reflects the applicant’s selected language preference. Please note that failure by applicants to answer the questions correctly, or attempts to have someone other than the applicant answer the questions, will impact the overall application. 

Any Incorrect information on interview form could affect the applicant’s interview scheduling and therefore the outcome of the interview and the overall assessment of the application.

Download Interview Application Form (PDF)