From the inception of the Programme in 2016, Saint Lucia introduced a multi-layer approach to due diligence consisting of KYC (know your customer) conducted by Authorised Agents prior to the submission of an application, to the use of international and recognised  3rd party due diligence firms and our Local Law Enforcement, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force which in themselves extend to Local Authorities in line with AML policy and mandates, and Regional and International Border Control Authorities.

Effective September 1st, 2023, applications to the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme will be subject to an interview in person or virtually, allowing for an additional layer of protection. This identity verification process will commence upon the compliance of an application and at the Due Diligence Process stage. With the use of trained specialists and advanced technology, this added feature to the country’s already robust due diligence process will enhance the authentication of critical bio-data information and eliminate any information gaps that can potentially exist in the application process.

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment remains a viable source of funding for our island nation, and for that reason we are continually and vigorously engaging with key external stakeholders, including governments and supra-national organisations, and these steps were taken to ensure that our investors continue to enjoy the international market access and returns that drove their initial investment decision. Potential investors can be assured that our meticulous and effective enhancement to the due diligence process reinforces the enduring yield of global travel mobility and peace of mind.