Portugal can also be the cheapest golden visa program that gives you full moneyback if you invest reduced 280,000 euro (instead of 350K euro) in real estate properties in low density inner regions of Portugal. Many property developers offer full money back with guarantee of the 280,000 after 7 years for investments in both residential and commercial properties. Another bonus is the investment will produce 5-6% annual returns, all in all will cover all your residential costs (eg. GV fees and Taxes). By the time you apply in fifth year and receive EU citizenship in the seventh year, you will get the entire money back and the citizenship is permanent. The base investment remains the same will not increase, if you add family members (only the immigration fees increases)

Let us understand the economics of GV investment. Assuming you are single applicant investing 280k euros in buyback shares in luxury star hotel under construction. The key to maximize return is to invest in very good branded hotels or resorts under construction in Portugal.

Investment: €280,000 in brand new hotel (under construction)
IMT Taxes: NIL (paid by developer approx €12,500)
Stamp duty: €1500
Notary: €1000
Total: €282,500 (Investment only)

Immigration fee – The SEF immigration authority charges GV filing fee to issue residence permits. (see below)
Legal fee – Covers entire 5 years includes applying for residence permits, renewals and citizenship application.

Yields – The profits received from returns will cover all costs above the investments. Many developers promise up to 6% annual rental returns on the investment made and projects 10% return when the hotel after construction after 7 years.  Assuming 5% is average return

  • Returns (yearly) – 5% on €280,000 equals 14,000 euros per year
  • Combined Total After 7 years – €98,000
Golden Visa Cost € Single € Couple € Family (3) € Family (4) €
Property 282530 282530 282530 282530
Processing fee 539 1078 1617 2156
GV fee 5391 10782 16173 21564
Lawyer fee 7500 7500 8500 9500
Tax representation 500 500 500 500
Bank account 500 500 1000 1000
Total GV cost 296960 302890 310320 317250
Moneyback (7 years) 280000 280000 280000 280000
Immigration fee 16960 22890 30320 37250
Returns 5% (7 years) 98000 98000 98000 98000
Net Profits 81040 75110 67680 60750

Note: These are approximate calculations, the actual numbers may vary based on which property you chose. Please verify returns and guarantees for moneyback with the developer when you sign the contract.

As you can see the GV investment has yielded much more than you invested covering all the residual costs. By the time you get returns, you and family also should have received your Portuese citizenship, making your family members and children EU citizens. Perhaps you can use the profits to finance your child’s education at UK or EU universities. The important difference here, whether your child has EU citizenship or not. The University costs are super expensive for non-EU citizens costing approximately 30,000 euros per year, whereas children with EU citizen status pay only 10,000 per year for higher education.

The Good news is it is still possible to apply and invest in Portugal to secure a golden visa. The bad news is October 2023 is the final deadline to catch the last train to Portugal. Please contact us at the earliest, We have unique selection of very good projects that produces excellent returns on investment. Many of our projects already sold out.