Grenada CBI Unit has announced mandatory interviews for New CBI applicants to strengthen the security of citizenship by investment program.  The Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Unit hereby advises that mandatory interview and identity verification process of all applicants seventeen (17) years and over will be required as part of our enhanced due diligence process effective from September 4, 2023.

Applicants have to fill in the attached Interview Application Form which must be submitted to the CBI with the application package. 2.2 An email with a link to undertake the questionnaire will be provided to the Interviewee- this will be in English, but instruction for the screening interview will be in their national language. All Applicants should identify their preferred language for interview on their Interview Application Form.  The link on the email will take applicants through to an automated system spoken in their native tongue. The automated voice will inform the applicant of the need to answer all questions correctly and only the applicant to whom the email is addressed should undertake the questionnaire. Failure to answer the questions correctly or attempt to have someone other than the applicant answer the questions will impact their application.

The costs of interview per person over 17 years old is US$ 1000 per person.

Interview fee 

  • Main Applicant $1,000
  • Spouse $1,000
  • Child age 17 and over $1,000
  • Dependent Parent $1,000
  • Single Applicant $1,000
  • Financial Sponsor $1,000


Interview application form – Download
Interview announcement – Download