The St.Kitts & Nevis has published new regulations introducing changes to the CBI programme which comes into effect from Jul 19, 2023. The new policy applies to all applications, including those already received but not yet approved by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU).

1. Interviews – All principal applicants, 16 years and older, who apply for SKN Investment (CBI) programme will be required to be interviewed – virtually or in person – as part of the application process. Dependants may also be called for interviews. St Kitts has consulates in several countries to assist with required documents . The interviews are added as an additional layer of security checks done on applicants, which is agreed by all Caribbean countries in the CBI round table conference held in Feb 2023.

2. Automatic denials – Applications have been denied in another CBI jurisdiction, automatically refused by proactively sharing information on denials.

3. Blacklist – Processing applications from Russians and Belarusians has been suspended.

Last month, St Kitts and Nevis Government announced extension to Citizenship by Investment Programme Sustainable Growth Fund Limited Time Offer due to unprecedented demand.