The Saint Lucia Government offers a super interesting citizenship by investment bond option for foreigners who wish to become citizens of Saint Lucia. 

Investing in government issued treasury bonds is risk-free gives you a peace of mind with your investment, as the government guarantees payback of the entire sum after five years.  Government bonds pay fixed interest payments at regular intervals, such as semi-annually or annually. The citizenship program is structured in such a way that the interest from bonds goes to government for development of nation, in exchange the investor is given a full life citizenship including any family members who apply.  Wealthy families may consider this option.

Benefits of St.Lucia Citizenship

  • Citizenship for Life 
  • Fully Refundable Investment
  • Applications processed in 90 days.
  • Global mobility with visa free access to 145 nations
  • World famous yachting, honeymoon destination in the Caribbean
  • No personal visit required to St.Lucie
  • Apply for Visa to US and Canada
  • No citizenship test, visa interviews or military service.

St.Lucia Government Bonds

The National Action Government bonds was launched in Jan 1, 2023 under Regulation 12(1) of the Citizenship by Investment Regulations, Cap. 1.20 replacing the previously issued Covid-19 bonds for CIP. Applications for Citizenship by Investment of Saint Lucia can be made through an investment in the National Action Government Bonds (“NAB”). The bonds are non-interest bearing, and must be registered and remain in the name of the applicant for a 5 year holding period from the date of first issue. A bond certificate will be issue to investors with 100% of the bond amount made by the applicant, is remitted to Government of Saint Lucia and managed by Ministry of Finance. 

Bond TypeApplicantsBond Sum (Non interest bearing)

National Action Government Bonds (NAF)

(issued at discounted rated instead of US$500,000)

Any Applicant with unlimited number of family members

US$ 300,000 

Government processing fee: $50,000
Due diligence fee: $7,500

Regular Government BondsSingle

US$ 500,000

No government processing fee
Due diligence fee: $7,500

The Bonds and Notes will be issued under the authority of the National Savings Development Bonds Act (Amendment) Section 3, Cap. 15.25, and by a resolution of Parliament No 62 of May 2022. 

The Finance Ministry of Government of Saint Lucia publishes the Bond prospectus (PDF) for investors ever year about the performance of government bonds.

Why Invest in Government Bonds?

  • Government bonds are generally considered liquid assets, meaning they can be bought and sold with relative ease in established financial markets.  
  • Government bonds are considered relatively safe investments because they are backed by the government’s ability to tax its citizens and print money. They suitable for investors seeking to protect their principal and minimize the potential for loss. The stability makes government bonds appealing to conservative investors seeking to preserve their capital.
  • Bonds hedge against economic downturns or market volatility. During periods of market turbulence, government bonds often exhibit inverse price movements to stocks, providing a cushion to investors’ portfolios and potentially reducing losses.

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