The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) is the government authority responsible for processing all applications for economic citizenship in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis, in accordance with Saint Christopher and Nevis Citizenship Act, 1984 (Act No. 1 of 1984).

The Citizenship by Investment Unit, established by Regulation 3 of SRO 52 of 2011 for the purposes of processing all applications for Citizenship by Investment, is preserved and continues in effect for the purposes of these Regulations so that its identity, rights and obligations are not affected by the repeal of SRO 33 of 2022.

  • Board of Governors” – Citizenship by Investment Board of Governors established under regulation 7;
  • “Cabinet” – Cabinet of Ministers of the Government of Saint Christopher and Nevis;
  • “Committee” – Citizenship by Investment Technical Committee appointed pursuant to regulation 14;

All Applications for citizenship cannot be lodged directly at the Citizenship by Investment Unit. Rather, they must be handled by a registered Authorised Persons. The Due diligence department within the CIU is responsible for vetting of all applicants. Every CBI application shall be examined by the Unit and Committee and, if deemed necessary, an applicant may be requested to attend an interview which may be conducted in Saint Christopher and Nevis or at any diplomatic or consular office of Saint Christopher and Nevis.


The Committee shall make recommendations to the Minister based on its findings in
relation to CBI applications under review. The Minister appoints a Technical Committee charged with the responsibility of—

(a) reviewing CBI applications submitted to the Unit;
(b) ensuring that all due diligence background checks are comprehensive and completed throughout the CBI application process; (c) conducting spot checks of CBI applications; and
(d) providing information sufficient to justify any recommendation to the Minister to approve or deny CBI applications for Citizenship by Investment.

Board Meetings

The Board of Governors shall meet at least once a month and shall keep proper minutes of its proceedings. Subject to sub-regulation (1), the Board of Governors may determine its procedure and for that purpose may make rules of procedure, including rules relating to the convening of meetings and the conduct of business at meetings and may alter the rules.

Board of Governors

The appointment and cessation of appointment of any member of the Board of Governors
shall be notified in the Official Gazette. The Minister shall appoint a Citizenship by Investment Board of Governors charged with the responsibility of advising the Minister with respect to the following matters—

(a) general oversight of the operations of the Unit;
(b) development and implementation of policies and procedures for the Unit;
(c) monitoring the Citizenship by Investment Industry;
(d) matters related to the Citizenship by Investment Industry, generally;
(e) matters related to the activities of the Unit;
(f) the review of all investment proposals submitted to the Unit directly or by the St Kitts Investment Promotion Agency;
(g) whether any proposed Citizenship by Investment project is in accordance with the laws of Saint Christopher and Nevis and any appropriate international, regional or local standards;
(h) whether any proposed Citizenship by Investment project is financially sound and beneficial to Saint Christopher and Nevis; (i) submissions to Cabinet for the approval of Citizenship by Investment projects; and
(j) investigation of complaints about the activities of the Unit.

The Board of Governors may, in connection with the carrying out of its functions—

(a) consult and seek the advice of such persons or bodies whether inside or outside Saint Christopher and Nevis as it considers appropriate;
(b) publish, in such manner as it considers appropriate, such information relating to its functions as it thinks fit; and
(c) make recommendations arising out of any information received and advise the Minister. Board of Governors may determine its procedure and for that purpose may make rules of procedure, including rules relating to the convening of meetings and the conduct of business at meetings and may alter the rules.

Head of Unit

The Minister shall, after consultation with the Board of Governors, appoint a Head of the Unit, who shall be the person primarily responsible for supervising the Unit, on such terms as the Minister considers reasonable.

On Dec 2022, The Government of St Kitts and Nevis has appointed a new head of its world-renowned Citizenship by Investment Unit, Mr. Michael Martin .

“The Citizenship By Investment Programme is expected to undergo a complete evolution.”
– Michael Martin

The new head is committed to enhance its Citizenship by Investment programme and to ensure that local citizens and residents alike benefit from it. At the Unit, Martin’s team will ensure that the programme increases processing efficiency and accuracy while also maintaining strong due diligence processes so that only investors of the highest calibre are accepted.

Martin has served in top management positions in several companies, including the National Caribbean Insurance Company, National Bank Trust Company, and Sagicor Life Inc. He was previously a director of the Insurance Association of the Caribbean, Honorary Secretary of the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society Council of Management, and a director for First Federal Cooperative Credit Union. He holds a graduate diploma from the International Compliance Association and Manchester Business School, a certificate in International Trust Management from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and a certificate in Managing Financial Services from the University of the West Indies.