The Citizenship by investment Unit (CIU) of St.Kitts & Nevis has approved the first public benefit option (PBO) project under the CBI program in 2023. Investors applying for SKN citizenship will now have an exclusive opportunity to invest in local TV & film production industry. Those investing at least USD 400,000 in film and movie production will now be eligible for Citizenship of SKN under the St.Kitts and Nevis CBI program. It will be a unique investment paying excellent returns and capital return.

MSR Media SKN Ltd. has been approved by government as the first public benefit investment project for citizenship by investment. The MSR media is a boutique television and movie production firm based in SKN and US, having a nearly 30-year track-record of producing more than 120 films and, most recently, have produced 10 films over 30 months in the beautiful dual-island nation, in partnership with major international distribution companies including Lionsgate, Saban and Screen Media. As such the films can be viewed on all major streaming services including Amazon Prime, Apple, and Netflix as well as on TV stations such as STARZ. The company has Committed To Making 35 Films with the investment of $150 million in the next five years and is is committed to hiring 150 people creating jobs.

The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is becoming a top film-making destination in the Caribbean thanks to MSR Media and its Chief Producer Philippe Martinez and Lee Beasley, Managing Director, who since setting eyes on the two Caribbean Islands. MSR Media has produced several films including One Year Off, Assailant, A Week in Paradise, Christmas in the Caribbean and Us or Them. Christmas in the Caribbean, a romantic comedy shot entirely in St. Kitts starring British actress Elizabeth Hurley and directed by Philippe Martinez is set to premier in the United States in December.  The Action movie “Fast sea” is set for production in 2023.

The regulations governing the public benefit investment is published in Citizenship by investment regulations SRO No.4 of 2023. Approved Public Benefit Projects designated by the CIU will not only maximise local employment but also embark upon programmes including transfer of technology and capacity building. Under the Public Benefit Option, each main applicant is required to make a minimum investment of US$175,000 in a unit of an Approved Public Benefit Project, to be paid to the relevant Approved Public Benefactor. Additional due diligence fee for principal applicant and dependants applicable.

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