The Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis (GOSKN) will be ending the Limited Time Offer (LTO) for citizenship by investment program effective from Jun 30, 2023. This special government discount will run for six months and investors can benefit from USD 25,000 discount for all applications under Sustainable Growth fund(SGF) donation option. Real estate investors for citizenship are not eligible for this LTO. During previous years the St Kitts government offered Covid discount to families in 2021 and in 2018 (HRF fund)

SGF Donation

The SGF offers the most straightforward route to citizenship. rivacy is ensured.  SKN citizenship is for life, meaning that it can be passed down to future generations.  No mandatory travel or language requirements. Investors can benefit citizenship of a country with a low tax regime including no income, inheritance or gift tax along with visa free travel benefits to 156 countries and territories.

Applications for one person will require citizenship by donation investment (one time and non-refundable) of USD 125,000 (instead of USD 150,000) to Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF). Families can also save USD 25,000 with this offer.

Accelerated Processing

One other important benefit of this LTO, is all applications are automatically given Accelerated application processing (AAP) to receive approval in principle after application submission within 60 days instead of normal 90 days, at no extra cost. CIU will notify applicants the application status (approved, denied, delayed) through their authorized agent. Post expiry of the LTO, there will be an additional USD 25,000 cost charged for processing of accelerated applications.

All applications will be reviewed by newly appointed CBI Unit and Technical committee, which is responsible for all due diligence checks under Citizenship by Investment Regulations SRO 4 of 2023.  If deemed necessary, an applicant may be requested to attend an interview which may be conducted in Saint Christopher and Nevis or at any diplomatic or consular office of Saint Christopher and Nevis. The main applicant shall be required to prove that the non- refundable minimum contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund has been deposited into the account of the Fund before the grant of Citizenship by Investment may occur.

LTO – Limited Time Offer (Jan 1 to Jun 30, 2023)

Under the Limited Time Offer, investment options for Sustainable Growth Fund (SFG) are as follows:

  • Single applicant – US$ 125,000
  • Main applicant and a spouse – US$150,000
  • Main applicant, spouse and two dependants – US$170,000
  • Each additional dependant under 18 – US$10,000
  • Each additional dependant over 18 – US$25,000

Additionally, the following Due Diligence fees apply to an application made during the Limited Time Offer:

  • Main applicant: US$7,500
  • each dependant aged 16 or above: US$4,000 each

Post Expiry of LTO (From Jul 1, 2023)

After the 30th day of June, 2023 the minimum contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund shall revert as follows—

  • main applicant only: US$150,000
  • main applicant and a spouse: US$175,000
  • main applicant and up to three dependants: US$195,000
  • each additional dependant under eighteen years of age: US$10,000
  • each additional dependant eighteen years of age or over: US$25,000

Ineligible Persons

Note that blacklisted nationals (eg. Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Belarus) cannot apply for St Kitts citizenship by investment. Also main applicant or family who have previous visa refusals from countries with visa waiver agreements with St Kitts (eg. Schengen, UK etc,) are disqualified from applying for Investment citizenship of SKN.

The security checks takes 2-3 months time before being approved of citizenship and passport.