The Antigua and Barbuda CIU has announced the following updates related to the citizenship by investment program for 2023.

1.Waiver extension

The swearing or affirmation to oath of allegiance to Antigua & Barbuda may be done remotely until Jun 30, 2023. Please refer to the guidelines issued. The CIP application process has been streamlined through changes to the investment program which allow citizenship oaths to be taken at Antigua consulates around the world. The form for taking oaths can be downloaded here

2.New project approved

The Beach houses is a group of 12 villas by ELMSBRIDGE development under construction has been approved under the CIP real estate. It is a 12 acre property with luxury villas constructed with splendid sea views from 2500 to 3000 sqft. Starting from $1.5m these residences come with custom design of interiors and exteriors.

3.Name Change

A name change can only be done after 5 years of acquiring citizenship upon renewal of passport.

5.New born child

There is no fees required to add new born child before approval. If the baby becomes the fifth applicant (along with family of four), additional fees with apply. No due diligence fees for children under 12

6.Discounts Not Supported

The CIU does not authorize, support or endorse discounts under the CIP program. Investors are urged any offers otherwise are not support by the unit.

Souce: CIU Antigua & Barbuda