Immigrant visa and non-immigrant US visa applications for nationals of Vanuatu are processed by the U.S. Embassy located in newly opened embassy in Harbour City, Port Moresby, Papa New Guinea.  Vanuatu economic citizens are also eligible to apply for all types of US visas. For short-term visits to the United States (for tourism, business, education, etc), you can go directly to the online application (form DS-160 ).   For immigrant visas,  which are issued to foreign nationals who intend to live and work permanently in the United States, you can visit the U.S. citizenship and Immigration Services site for the relevant forms. In-person interview is required for all first-time visa applicants between age 14 and 79 years old.

Here are full list of US visa classifications available to citizens of Vanuatu.

of Entries
A-1NoneMultiple60 Months
A-2NoneMultiple60 Months
A-3 NoneMultiple24 Months
B-1NoneMultiple60 Months
B-2NoneMultiple60 Months
B-1/B-2NoneMultiple60 Months
C-1NoneMultiple60 Months
C-1/DNoneMultiple60 Months
C-2NoneMultiple12 Months
C-3NoneMultiple60 Months
CW-1NoneMultiple12 Months
CW-2 NoneMultiple12 Months
DNoneMultiple60 Months
E-1 No TreatyN/AN/A
E-2 No TreatyN/AN/A
E-2C NoneMultiple24 Months
F-1NoneMultiple12 Months
F-2NoneMultiple12 Months
G-1NoneMultiple60 Months
G-2NoneMultiple60 Months
G-3NoneMultiple60 Months
G-4NoneMultiple60 Months
G-5 NoneMultiple24 Months
H-1B$128.00Multiple10 Months
H-1C$100.00Multiple60 Months
H-2A$100.00Multiple60 Months
H-2B$100.00Multiple60 Months
H-2R$100.00Multiple60 Months
H-3$100.00Multiple60 Months
H-4$128.00Multiple10 Months
I$158.00Multiple10 Months
J-1 NoneMultiple60 Months
J-2 NoneMultiple60 Months
K-1NoneOne6 Months
K-2NoneOne6 Months
K-3NoneMultiple24 Months
K-4NoneMultiple24 Months
L-1$128.00Multiple10 Months
L-2$128.00Multiple10 Months
M-1NoneMultiple60 Months
M-2NoneMultiple60 Months
N-8NoneMultiple60 Months
N-9NoneMultiple60 Months
O-1$100.00Multiple60 Months
O-2$100.00Multiple60 Months
O-3$100.00Multiple60 Months
P-1$100.00Multiple60 Months
P-2$100.00Multiple60 Months
P-3$100.00Multiple60 Months
P-4$100.00Multiple60 Months
Q-1 $100.00Multiple15 Months
R-1$128.00Multiple10 Months
R-2$128.00Multiple10 Months
S-5 NoneOne1 Month
S-6 NoneOne1 Month
S-7 NoneOne1 Month
T-2NoneOne6 Months
T-3NoneOne6 Months
T-4NoneOne6 Months
T-5NoneOne6 Months
T-6NoneOne6 Months
U-1NoneMultiple48 Months
U-2NoneMultiple48 Months
U-3NoneMultiple48 Months
U-4NoneMultiple48 Months
U-5NoneMultiple48 Months
V-1NoneMultiple120 Months
V-2NoneMultiple120 Months
V-3NoneMultiple120 Months

Source: State Department