New Amendments have been implemented to the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment programme in February 2023. The Limited Time Discount of USD 25,000 will be available until Jun 30, 2023.

Applicants choosing the Sustainable Growth Fund option before 30 June 2023, will benefit from a limited time offer that reduces the minimum investment amount and shortens the application’s processing time.

Save US$25K per Application

Only for applications submitted before the 30th of June 2023:

– Main applicant: From US$125K (instead of US$150K)
– Main applicant and spouse: From US$150K (instead of US$175K)   – Family up to 4 members: From US$170K (instead of US$195K)

Accelerated CBI Applications (60 days)

An accelerated CBI application allows applications to be processed within 60 days from the CIU acknowledgement of the application until the issuing of an approval-in- principle letter instead of the standard 90-day processing timeframe.

This upgrade is free under the Limited Time Offer, which means that applicants:

– Will only pay standard due diligence fees instead of premium, saving at least US$12,500 per application
– Won’t have to pay post-approval accelerated application fees starting from US$35,000

Among those, the age limit of parents and grandparents to be included in the family application reduced to 55 years. All applications submitted under Limited time offer (LTO) qualify under accelerated processing without any additional cost.

  • Age of Parents / Grandparents – The minimum age for a parent or grandparent of the main applicant or the spouse is reduced from 65 to 55 years. A parent or grandparent of the spouse can be living with and fully supported by either the main applicant or spouse, in order to be eligible.
  • AAP applications – Premium due diligence fees apply to all accelerated CBI applications except those made under the limited-time offer. The premium due diligence fees are US$20,000 for a main applicant and US$10,000 for each dependant aged 16 or over.
  • Post approval – Regulations have reduced the post-approval application fees for an accelerated CBI application.
  • Private homes – The minimum holding period of an Approved Private Home Sale is reduced from seven to five years.

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