St Kitts and Nevis’s Government has made huge changes to the CBI program in Jul 17, 2023. Under the revised program, the chance to get a second citizenship in as little as 45 days with Accelerated application processing (AAP), has been removed . Instead all applications will be subjected to normal application processing which takes 120 days (4 months) to complete all background checks.

The New CEO of CIU Unit has introduced several innovative measures, such as the limited-time offer on the Sustainable State Island Fund option. It allows applicants to receive approval in principle within 120 days if they pass the due diligence process and all documents in order.

The Limited Time Offer provided by government has also been closed under the new regulations implemented by SKN Government. The new investment conditions applicable under new rules is doubled to

  • USD 250,000 SICF Donation Fund
  • USD 400,000 Real estate
  • USD 800,000 Private homes

Documents Required

Be ready with original police certificate, birth certificate (copy) and health certificate and copies of your passport and ID cards to start the initial application process. If you have a previous record or a visa refusal chances are you wont qualify.

Nationals of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus North Korea, Cuba cannot apply for St.Kitts at the moment.

Please contact us for more information.