Now that Croatia has joined Schengen area and Euro in 2023, the country has become one of the desirable countries for economic investment. It is important to note foreigners who naturalize for croatian citizenship, dual citizenship is not allowed.

Croatian citizenship may be acquired through naturalization on the following legal grounds:

  • on grounds of residence in Croatia
  • on grounds of birth in Croatia
  • on grounds of marriage or civil partnership with a Croatian citizen
  • on grounds of emigration
  • on grounds of the Republic of Croatia’s interest
  • on grounds of affiliation with the Croatian nation
  • on grounds of reacquisition of Croatian citizenship

The acquisition of Croatian citizenship by investment is not explicitly regulated in the Croatian legislation. However, foreign investors can obtain the Croatian citizenship through Article 12 of the Law on Croatian citizenship (LCC) which reads as follows:

“A foreigner whose acceptance to Croatian citizenship would be of interest to the Republic of Croatia can obtain Croatian citizenship by naturalisation, even if s/he does not fulfil the requirements of Article 8, Paragraph 1, Points 1-4 of this Act. Spouses are also eligible.”

Both employed and self-employed investors can acquire a temporary residence permit to carry out a business investment activity (atleast EUR 30,000) through tangible or non-tangible assets and employ at least three Croatian citizens

Conditions of Naturalization

1. 18 years old and that s/he is not deprived of working capacity;

2. has relinquished their foreign citizenship, or that s/he submits proof that s/he will relinquish it if granted Croatian citizenship;

3. has lived and has had a registered residence in the Republic of Croatia until the submission of the request for at least eight continuous years and has been granted permanent residence;

4. Proficient in the Croatian language and Latin script, and is familiar with the Croatian culture and social arrangement.

Application for the acquisition of Croatian citizenship through naturalization shall be submitted in person at a local police department or police station according to the place of granted temporary or permanent residence. The competent Ministry (in this case, the Ministry of Economy) gives an opinion on whether, if the foreigner referred to in Paragraph 1 obtains the Croatian citizenship, there is an interest for the Republic of Croatia.

How many citizenships approved for economic investment?

There is evidence that Croatia has granted citizenship in state’s interest for 7 individuals (of these are 6 third country nationals) who never held prior residence or work permit, according to official data received to European Commission. The Ministry of Interior has confirmed the Ministry of Economy gave a positive opinion for 7 individuals to obtain Croatian citizenship by naturalisation in the interest of the Republic of Croatia in the reference period 2012-2018

  • In 2012 for two persons, of which both are third-country nationals;
  • In 2014 for five persons, of which 4 are third-country nationals and one person who is a citizen of a Member State of the EEA.