Malta offers a path to foreigners and stateless persons naturalize for citizenship who are already residents. This is a non-investment path based purely on residency, for those who lived in Malta for atleast five years. The advantage of citizenship in Malta is, there are no citizenship test (civic knowledge), language test (knowledge of Maltese not required, english is acceptable) or social integration criteria required unlike other EU states.

The Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap 188) establishes who may become a citizen of Malta by naturalisation, provided that the applicant satisfies the relative provisions. Applications can be launched at the Komunita Malta agency with payment of 450 euro. The Minister responsible for citizenship matters has the discretion to grant or refuse the application under such provisions.

Conditions for Naturalization

The applicant is over eighteen (18) years of age, an individual may submit an application if he/she is a:

    • Foreigner or stateless person;
    • Has resided in Malta throughout the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the date of application; and
    • Has resided in Malta for an aggregate period of a minimum of four (4) years, during the six (6) years preceding the above period of twelve (12) months;
    • Person of good character;
    • Has adequate knowledge of Maltese or English language*; and
    • Would be a suitable citizen of Malta.


In addition to the above conditions, applicants must provide two sponsors (who are not relatives) in Malta.

Applicant may choose any of the following persons as his or her first sponsor:

  • A member of Parliament;
  • A judge;
  • A magistrate;
  • An advocate;
  • A notary public;
  • A legal procurator;
  • A medical practitioner;
  • A public officer not below the rank of principal;
  • A police officer not below the rank of inspector;
  • An officer of the Armed Forces of Malta not below the rank of captain;
  • A parish priest.

The second sponsor may be any citizen of Malta who does not belong to any of the above-mentioned professions. Any citizen of Malta may act as sponsor provided that he/she did not acquire Maltese citizenship by naturalisation and that he/she is over eighteen (18) years of age.

Documents Required

  • The birth certificate / humanitarian protection certificate of the applicant
  • The applicant’s marriage certificate (if applicable)
  •  The applicant’s passport and Residence Card
  •  The applicant’s original police conduct
  •  1 passport sized photo of the applicant
  •  A letter signed by the applicant stating the reason why he/she is applying to be naturalized as a citizen of Malta
  •  Jobs plus working history (Can be obtained from or Jobs plus offices)
  •  Contract of House/Lease Agreement
  •  Evidence of the entire period of residence in Malta  (Work Permit,FS3s, Payslips,Utility Bills , Bank Statements)

If not in Maltese or English, the applicant must also present a translated version by a certified translator. The birth certificate must contain reference to the applicant’s parents, date and place of birth.

Additional documents may be compiled along with residence certificate.