The Government of Saint Lucia has implemented important changes to the CIP Regulations of the Citizenship by investment Program for 2023. The amendments to the existing CIP regulations will take effect from 1 January 2023. St Lucia will maintain highest and robust standards of due diligence.

National Action Government Bond

St.Lucia is perhaps the only country issuing fully refundable government bonds under the citizenship by investment program. The Government will issue non interest bearing government bonds/treasury securities for investors and families under CIP. The investment is  now set at US$300,000 covering all family members. Covid relief bonds will be discontinued from Dec 31,2022.

Main Investor – USD 300,000 (five year holding)
Families (any number of dependents) – USD 300,000 (five year holding)
Government Administrative fee – USD 50,000 (includes any number of dependents)

Real Estate

The minimum real estate investment reduced to USD 200,000 (share), instead of US$300,000. There are two approved real estate properties available for investments

New Child

The costs for adding citizenship to new born child, within one year of becoming citizen has been increased to USD 5000 (instead of $500). Spouse  and

Application Processing

The processing times have been reduced to fastest 45 days or less at no additional costs improving the efficiency. The average processing time of all applications is 62 days.

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