The National Economic Fund (NEF) allows for the contribution of financial resources which directly impacts to the socio-economic development of the country and people of Saint Lucia. This special Saint Lucian National Economic Fund, setup to accommodate all investment amounts being made to the National Economic Fund under the citizenship by investment programme.

The administration and governance of the Fund is enshrined within the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund Act No.18
 of 2019. The governing body of the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund is the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund Board.

The functions of the Fund are:

  • to advance loans for a Government -approved capital project;
  • to provide investment for a Government-approved capital project;
  • to reduce Government debt;
 to purchase Government bonds;
  • to provide monies for a purpose approved by Cabinet that is not
 considered recurrent in nature.

NEF Investments Received

Since the establishment of the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund, a total of XCD$32,706,791.76 has been transferred, according to 2021 CIP Annual report.


NEF Applications Received

Below CIP applications received under NEF donation with a minimum of $100,000 investment. This investment remains the most popular option with the highest number of applications registered.

NEF Applications

Source: CIP Saint Lucia