We provide you quick summary of latest updates with golden visa and citizenship by investment programs. Take a look below..

Here are the some quick summary of the latest news in 2023

  • Montenegro CBI program is closed effective from Jan 1, 2023
  • St.Kitts & Nevis introduced key changes to CBI. Prices increased to USD 250,000 donation and USD 400,000 for real estate. Mandatory interviews also imposed by all five caribbean CBI programs.
  • Greece increased minimum golden visa investment to EUR 500,000 from 2024. The EUR 250,000 will remain eligible for Golden visa outside of Athens and certain regions.
  • Saint Lucia launched new national bond investment replacing covid relief bonds for USD 300,000. Real estate investment also cut to USD 200,000
  • Portugal golden visa program terminated the real estate option from Oct 7, 2023. Other investment options such as 250K cultural and artistic production, 500K euro investment fund available.
  • Dominica has announced major changes to family member rules such as siblings not eligible and raising parents/grandparents age to above 65 years. UK has imposed visa requirement.
  • Grenada lifts restrictions on Russians applying for CBI from mid 2022 overturning previous ban.
  • Vanuatu – EU and UK has imposed full visa waiver suspension for Vanuatu nationals
  • Bulgaria – Bulgaria’s citizenship by investment program is permanently canceled by government. Bulgaria joins Cyprus, Moldova for shutting down golden passport schemes.
  • Turkey has increased the minimum property investment for citizenship to USD 400,000
  • Malta has the only and last remaining golden passport program in EU remains open for applications.
  • Ireland – Ireland’s immigrant investor program dubbed as golden visas is closed since Feb 2023.
  • Netherlands investor citizenship scheme closing soon in Jan 1, 2024.
  • Hungary will be opening new golden visa scheme for real estate investment in 2024.
  • North Macedonia opened a brand new investor citizenship program in Europe based on a refundable investment option.
  • United Kingdom  has terminated their £2m golden ticket program (tier1 investor route) citing corruption and money laundering.
  • Canada – Canada Quebec immigrant investor scheme will open in Jan 1, 2024.

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