Turkey is one of those countries in the world with obligatory military service. In Turkey, compulsory military service applies to all male citizens from 21 years of age. Under Turkish law, Turkish men up to the age of 45 are required to perform military service even if they live outside Türkiye or have dual citizenship. Foreign investors who apply for Turkey CBI as second citizenship option, must not overlook the military service requirement.

All Foreigners who have applied under citizenship by investment program or marriage, and received Turkish citizenship and you are above 22 years, military service does not apply. The age barrier of 22 years is the key.  For example child of investor who received citizenship before age 22 can be called for drafting. They can apply for exemption by paying a fixed fee of €5,563 approx. Exemption also applies to those who already served in the military abroad (as citizen) and those are unfit.

Turkish citizens who reside overseas and have worked for at least three consecutive years have the option to pay a certain fee €5,563 approx to be exempt from mandatory military service.

Renouncing Turkish citizenship

One of the consequences of evading the draft, is you will be blocked from renouncing Turkish citizenship. Article 25 of the Turkish citizenship act has provisions to renounce citizenship provided if all the following conditions are met. A renunciation document is issued when he/she acquires citizenship in another country.

  • Meet certain age (3 years after adolescence)
  • Has proof of citizenship in a foreign country
  • Not wanted for military service
  • No financial or criminal liabilities

If you are under the age of 38 you can renounce your Turkish citizenship without having completed your military service or paid the exemption fee, provided that you were previously granted a deferment.  From the age of 38 you are no longer able to apply for a deferment of your military service. You can only renounce your Turkish citizenship if you have completed your military service before the age of 45 or applied for deferment or paid the exemption fee, else you would be considered as ‘draft’ evader and subjected to criminal offense under Turkish law.