Greece has established a flexible and fast-track procedure for non – EU/EEA foreign investors who wish to obtain an entry visa and a residence permit for their investment activities in Greece. The Directorate for Migration Policy of the Ministry of Migration Policy is responsible for the examination of the golden visa application and the decision on the issue or the renewal of the residence permit for the realization of investment activity.

To the third-country national, the duration of validity of the residence permit is for five years and is subject to renewal for an equal period each time, provided the implementation of the investment or its operation is continued after its completion. For family members, the residence permit expires simultaneously with the residence permit of the sponsor.

Family members can be added to golden visa application subjected to age limit and unmarried status:

  • The Spouse,
  • The other spouse or partner with whom the third-country national has signed a cohabitation agreement in Greece,
  • Unmarried children of the spouses, aged under 21
  • Unmarried children of the sponsor or his/her spouse, aged under 21, provided that the right of custody has been legally granted to the sponsor for his/her children and to the spouse for his/her children.
  •  Relatives in the ascending line of spouses or partners.

Note that for unmarried children of the applicant who have been accepted for reasons of family reunification, on the basis of article 16 par.A, section 5 of L.4251/2014, a residence permit shall be issued on the grounds of family reunification until the age of 21.

After the age of 21, an autonomous residence permit shall be issued until the age of 24, upon demonstration of the previous residence permit. Such permit is not linked with the status of the sponsor. After the age of 24, the permit may be renewed in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Code.

Investor’s family members do not have access to work or the labour market.

The cost for the issuance of a national entry visa is €180. The cost for the issuance of a 5-years residence permit or for its renewal is €2.000 for investors and €150 for company executives and investors’ and executives’ family members. The cost for the issuance of an e-residence permit is 16 euro and corresponds to the cost for the supply, printing and safe handling of the e-residence permit.