There are a number of hotels that offer guaranteed buyback of investment, eligible under the Portugal golden visa program. These are very popular investments because the capital is guaranteed by the hotel developer after 5-6 years. Other benefits include taxes paid, and holidays for investors. These projects quickly sell out because of the demand among foreign investors.

Note: Portugal golden visa for hotels and real estate investments directly or indirectly is closed effective from Oct 7, 2023.  We only offer investment funds under new golden visa rule.

€280,000 Hotel Investment

Rossio Palace Hotel (Last slots available)

Rossio Palace is a historical palace in a prime urban property in Portugal, being converted into a Nordic designed Deluxe Hotel

  • Reduced Golden Visa investment of €280,000 (reduced low density region)
  • Construction starting at the end of 2023Q1
  • Yield of 4-6% and exit in seven years
  • Fast track GV application in <1 month

 Lagos Marina Hilton 4 & 3* Hotels 

Lagos Marina Hotels stands out for its privileged location, with a superb view over the Lagos Marina and the blue waters of the Atlantic.

  • 280K investment
  • 7 days free stay per year at the hotel
  • Guaranteed buyback
  • IMT paid by developer


The project is a full-service boutique hotel in a historic property in Borba. The development is a complete rehabilitation of an ancient convent with one of the most precious cloisters in southern Portugal. It will bring the Borba wine experience to a 5 star hotel, with a strong connection to the vineyards, a key element of the region.

End of construction: Q4 2024

  • 280K investment
  • 7 days free stay per year at the hotel
  • Guaranteed buyback
  • IMT paid by developer

 Royal Sao Paulo Hotel last investment 

Royal Sao Paulo is a luxury 5 star resort located in Vila Vicosa, Alentejo, 20 minutes from Evora, known to many as the Tuscany of Portugal. The resort will take the form of a luxury hotel with 70 suites and 4 villas and form part of an iconic old monastery. This investment project is being transformed into a Luxury Resort and Spa.

  • Start of construction: November 2021
  • Completion of construction: End of 2023
  • Property Yield: 3.25% for first 3 years of operation, 4% starting from 4th year
  • Guaranteed Buyback after 6 years

 Rossio Palace

Co-ownership in Historical Palace being converted into Nordic designed deluxe hotel with 50 rooms and operated by high-end hotel chain. Only 2h from Lisbon and close to Spain, surrounded by Natural Park and castles with Highest quality of life index in Portugal

  • Reduced 280k euro golden visa investment
  • Annual on 4-6% on investment
  • Return of initial investment after 6 years
  • Free yearly stay in three exclusive hotels
  • Financial return from hotel and exit strategy

EUR 350,000 Hotel Investment

A) LAPA PORTO Renaissance Hotel by Marriott

  • Property Location: Porto
  • Property Brand: Renaissance (Marriott)
  • Hotel category: 4*
  • # Rooms: : 76 (tbc – subject to change)
  • Investment amount: 350,000 EUR / investor
  • # Investors: 95 
  • IMT paid by the Developer (16.875€)
  • VAT paid by the Developer (7.500€)
  • IMI exemption during construction period
  • 3% annual return guaranteed
  • Guarantee buyback after 6 years
  • 7 Days Free Stay per year
  • Call for investors: until August 2022
  • Start of operation: Q4 2024

B) Lagos Beach Hotel & Spa 

  • Located directly on Dona Ana beach, rated as one of the best beaches in the Algarve region of Portugal.
  • The hotel will have 279 freehold studio apartments.
  • The apartments are priced starting at  EUR 418,000 for two apartments
  • Refurbishment is planned for 2021/23 with the hotel reopening in October of 2023.
  • The property will be managed by the Marriott group under the Sheraton brand.
  • The IR group is granting an annual minimum return of 7% (up to 10% depending on occupancy rate) which will start from the first year of operations October of 2023.
  • There is no condominium (maintenance) fee for the first 30 years.
  • The IR group offers a buy back option between 5 and 7 years after the opening of the Hotel .
  • The property can be used for 14 nights per year between October and  May.

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