Dominica’s CBI programme was established in 1993, making it one of the longest-standing programmes of its kind globally. Dominica has been ranked as the No.1 Best citizenship by investment programme for 2022 for global mobility of international investors and their family members.

Dominica brings an attractive second citizenship option for south african investors and their family members bringing tremendous social and economic benefits.

Introduced in 1993, Dominica has been ranked as offering the world’s best route to second citizenship. With nearly three decades of experience within the investment migration realm, Dominica’s Programme has stood the test of time, evolving with the market’s needs, and providing an attractive route to dual citizenship.

Safety and stability are not the words we would use to describe the world, especially in the last two years. The COVID-19 pandemic not only negatively impacted the global economy but also brought socio-political tensions to the forefront. This is especially true for South Africa. The country’s limping economy has caused much frustration among citizens, and many high net-worth investors are looking for a means to secure their future while accessing greater freedoms that will hold their families in good stead for years to come.

South African Entrepreneurs and businesspeople, irrespective of where they come from in the world, enjoy the same rights and benefits granted to Dominicans. These rights facilitate investment and business opportunities in the country and member states.

Dominica is located in proximity to the United States and has deep ties with the UK and Canada – making it a desirable location to access the world’s best financial hubs with which it has economic partnership agreements. The country’s currency is also pegged against the US dollar.

Dominica has a range of business opportunities for South African investors who can be confident that their investments and businesses will be protected under the same laws and regulations as Dominicans once they become citizens. This guarantees peace of mind to the investor, knowing that their assets are secure,” added said Prime Minister Skerrit.

For an investment of only R1.5 million, eligible South Africans can obtain a Dominican citizenship – making it an affordable choice when it comes to purchasing a sound insurance policy for them and their families.

Wealthy south africans must think about invest in dual citizenship as Plan B option to secure wealth offshore. South Africa has allowed dual nationality since 1994 with restrictions. Persons who acquire other nationality must apply for permission to be dual nationals before they acquire other nationality. Minor children, under the age of eighteen are also required to apply for an exemption if they hold dual nationality.

Dominica’s CBI Programme is an inclusive and family-oriented programme that has been designed to keep families together. The scheme allows investors to not only apply for themselves and their immediate family, but their extended family too – this includes both the applicant’s extended family and those of their spouse.

Dominica also boasts high-quality educational institutions and medical facilities with the best minds – all accessible to investors with Dominican citizenship. The country invests heavily in education, women, and youth empowerment. The primary healthcare capacity of the nation is being increased as more and more doctors are being trained, and the infrastructure is being modernised as well.