The Caribbean nation of St Kitts and Nevis boasts of a unique citizenship by investment program tailored for global mobility.

Global mobility and security are two of the hallmarks of a high standard of living. St. Kitts and Nevis, often considered one of the Caribbean’s most charming countries. With its proximity to the Americas, it is also popular on cruise ship routes and boasts a number of economic and social advantages that are markers of an elevated standard of living. These include stable currency and political environments, modern infrastructure, high literacy rates, a well-regulated financial services sector and, of course, an investor-friendly government – all of which combine to create tremendous potential business and personal growth.

Trusted Leader

St. Kitts and Nevis has remained a trusted leader – constant assessment, adaptability, and more than 30 years in continuous operation, continue to strengthen its already robust programme, which consistently ranks in the world’s top five in terms of benefits and safety.

Unique Features

Here are the top 5 features that set the SKN CBI Programme apart from the others

1. Most branded hotels – SKN boasts approximately 7 top branded hotels, with significant interest from new property development companies. SKN has seen an increase in demand of branded hotel chains. Galaxy Property Development, most commonly known as Heldon’s Hotel and Residences is now a Ramada branded hotel; and T-Loft Property Development, Pirate’s Nest has acquired the brand-name Radisson. Wyndham Resorts will, in the near future, establish a hotel in the Federation. The stimulation and excitement that surrounds real estate investment in SKN stems from the significant changes and international recognition the country has received for the improvement of our CBI Programme.

2. Residency programme – St. Kitts and Nevis boasts a very unique residency programme that is garnering interest internationally. Applicants need to qualify for residency by spending 2 non-consecutive months on island. In return, applicants will receive a tax ID card and a residency card.

3. Value of passport – SKN has the number 1 and number 2 passport in the OECS and CARICOM respectively, and positions SKN as having the number 7 passport in the Americas. A holder of a SKN passport has visa-free or visa upon arrival access to over 150 countries.

4. Efficiency – We take pride in our efficiency by processing applications within our 90 day time-frame or sooner. SKN programme has been recognised for its productivity and turnaround times and as a result, in late 2016, we decided to implement the Accelerated Application Process. Instead of processing applications in the industry standard of 90 days, the CIU guarantees 45-60 days.

5. Due diligence – The due diligence and vetting process makes CBI programme one of the best in the world. CIU looks at a number of variables, including whether an applicant is from a high-risk country, for example, or a country that has been described as a state sponsor of terrorism. They assess where applicants amassed their wealth and determine if it was derived from trustworthy and legal means. It’s an involved process but very necessary when making the right decisions.

Second Citizenship

Today, second citizenship can have other, life-changing benefits to people from countries that are undergoing serious social or geopolitical conflicts. For those who might need to leave their birthplaces for safety reasons, or who might have restrictions placed on travel by their own governments, a second passport provides a means by which these problems can be surmounted. Even in cases where there is no strife, holding a passport from certain countries can make attaining a visa for a vacation or business trip a frustrating experience marked by lengthy applications, interviews, and a processing period that could result in mandatory passport relinquishment, for weeks at a time. Hold- ing a second passport can eliminate this issue, while also helping to ensure the personal safety of travellers.

Free movement

Citizenship acquired under the St. Kitts and Nevis CBI Programme means visa-free access or visa upon arrival to over 150 countries, with full citizenship for life, so that the benefits enjoyed by applicants can be passed down to future generations.